Should I fix my Arduboy?

So I have this Arduboy that’s doing less than stellar. It has a few issues with it such as broken battery tab, a couple worn out metal snap domes belonging to the B and UP buttons (likely from having it in my back pocket), and a missing screw. Would you say that I should fix it, or would I be better of just leaving it be?

Thanks to @silatjedi’s post, I was easily able to find a potential replacement battery for a total of $19.60.

Also found some screws that are M1.4 x 3mm on eBay
for $5 along with these metal snap domes for a Xbox One controller for $7.50. I have no clue if the snap domes will be the right size as of yet, but from what I measured, I believe that the metal snap domes on the arduboy are 5mm in diameter. I’m currently looking around for my broken Xbox One controller to harvest and measure its metal snap domes, but no luck thus far.

Also wouldn’t know the screw measurements without this topic and the people that contributed to it.

The two items from eBay would be $13.25 togther, including tax, as of now. So, plus the battery, the total would be $32.85 for the repairs. Only an $11.15 difference from getting a new Arduboy. Would you say it’s worth it? If so, would you say the parts I listed are appropriate for a repair?

I would not fix it if it is damaged to that level. You might even fuck up the repair. Buy a new one and franken-repair that one: bigger buttons, bigger battery, etc

I do have another Arduboy in good condition. I just hate to see a good motherboard, screen, buttons, etc. go to waste, but would also hate to pay $30+ dollars as well.

A missing screw is minor as long as the case isn’t shaking around.

The battery and button domes are more of a concern,
particularly the battery because the battery is one of the only components that presents a potential health hazard.

You could just keep them as a backup for your working Arduboy.
(Not that it’s likely that those components are going to fail any time soon.)

Either that or you could repurpose them for another electronics project,
for example you could solder them up to an RTC (real-time clock) chip and thus turn your broken Arduboy into a working alarm clock.

Or perhaps give them to someone who likes doing that kind of thing if that doesn’t take your fancy.

Perhaps I could just use one of my other lithium batteries I have lying around and try to fit it in an altoids container or a 3D case print along with figuring out a way to add tactile switches instead of settling with the button domes and possibly other mods down the line. Right now, though, it will probably sit in my drawer, likely until that flashchip mod comes out and I have a good grasp of how the Arduboy works on a hardware level.

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