Should there be a 'Preferred' or 'Endorsed' Game Loader?

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That’s understandable.

I concur.

Agreed. As I said before that’s much easier to do with a standalone program than something web-based.
In addition reducing the need to redownload games unnecessarily is a good thing. Aside from reducing server load, there are places in the world where internet speed and download capacity is very limited. (A lot of modern web developers (not all, but quite sizable number) seem to think everyone can afford to limitlessly download data and everyone is on lightning-fast 1Mbps fibreoptic.)

I can understand some people would want this but personally I wouldn’t have much use for this.
Also I think it should be more of an afterthought and perhaps added in a later version - get the core functionality sorted and flesh the aditional features out later.

Yeah, open APIs have been proven to be quite successful with places like github.

If you’re going to do that you’ll have to make sure you’re complying with the licences.
As I’m sure you’re aware, some licences have rules about how they’re distributed.

As long as it works correctly - I’ve known uninstallers in the past to miss large chunks of registry keys, hence my concern.

That’s a good approach as long as it’s somewhat readable. (Similarly to the registry key thing, I’ve seen some very weird log files in the past.)

This was more along my thought line, since I expect some users will still try to maintain their own repo servers (which is actually a good idea in case the main one goes down for some reason). If the other repos also publish hashes then (assuming same game version) the hashes should match. Aside from being a reassurance, it would also be a good indication as to whether any of the repos (official or user-maintained) have been infiltrated.

It’s not completely critical, but it’s better to be overcautious.

This is what I had in my head, I don’t know why I typed ‘hex’ :P.

I’m glad to hear that, in this day and age that’s the approach all websites should be taking. (Unfortunately, some don’t.)

Most probably.
We hardly ever get snow, and when we do it’s very thin on the ground, barely enough for a snowman.
Winter usually brings us sleet, hail and rain, and arguments about whether the pavements are icy enough to get the salt-trucks out (the public says ‘yes’, the council says ‘no’).

I also like the cold and the snow.
Once I managed to convince my parents to go for a holiday in Bulgaria because I wanted to go somewhere snowy.
(But that’s a story for another day, methinks.)