Shout out to @Pharap

A big shout out to a member on this forum, @Pharap, who is helping me with some nasty (to me anyway) memory issues I am having with a sideways scrolling car game I am developing. We have been back and forth many times on this and a lesser man would have lost interest. I know he has helped others, including @curly, and is a regular contributor to the site.

When I make my milliions on this game, I will buy you a beer!


Indubitably a great help

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Well, I wasn’t expecting this.

I’m both grateful and flattered (and somewhat embarassed and struggling to think of a suitable reply), and to be honest I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly special (for one thing the game still isn’t working yet, I’ve just crushed a few awkward bugs). Maybe I’m just being British.

I want to say something deep and profound, but I can’t think of anything. It’s like being presented with some award and not having a speech ready.

Hrm, I know it’s cliché (and possibly out-of-character), but I think helping people is its own reward.

If everyone just keeps being nice and helping each other (and not being afraid to ask for help when needed), the Arduboy forums will stay a friendly place.


A lot of people help … but their interest wanes after a couple of iterations. Your’s intensifies as the problems become harder.


I agrwe, the stupider my questions got the more you seemed to want to set my thinking strait

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He’s possibly missed his calling in life - a teacher!

It is rare to find really technical people who are good teachers. Heck, its rare to find really technical people who have people skills!

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That’s mostly because I still remember being the only person in my class to not know the difference between a gigabyte and a megabyte, or what a stick of RAM looked like (or did), (and asking daft questions and being mocked by the professionals for not understanding things).

I have actually considered becoming a teacher, but it would mean marking students’ work for hours on end and that would be almost unsufferably boring.

Eh, I’m not completely sure I do have people skills, especially in person and/or when discussing non-geek things. The ability to rewrite what you want to say several times before saying it is truly the gift of the internet. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain monitor.)

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@Pharap is awesome! Glad we have some great people, here. I wish I had more time to post around on the forum. I know I will have a lot more time in the coming months. :smiley:


Arigatou! :D
Ohisashiburi dana!

(TL: Thank you! :D Long time no see/it’s been a while!)

I don’t know why I’m speaking in Japanese, it just felt like a fun thing to do. I dunno, maybe you learnt something :P.


everyone is awesome! Best community on the internet!