Silence: a Text Adventure doesn't work on Arduboy FX

Hi! I just got my Arduboy FX and absolutely love this little thing! I tried to run “Silence: A text adventure”, but it just jumps to the next game. I also ran it on the test site and it didn’t work there either. I’m new to Arduino, so I wasn’t sure if there was a way to reinstall the game or not.

Silence Game Link: Silence: A text adventure

Yes, unfortunately there is a glitch in the data file that was given to the factory when uploading the game library. It’s my mistake and it’s due to a typo I made in the CSV file when making the cart.

If you update the cart using the python utilities, it will fix this.


Thanks for the speedy response! I’ll see about using the python utilities :slight_smile:. I appreciate the help!