Silly question - can i develop and test without flashing the arduboy each time? (osx)

Edit; yes i searched the forums - and all the emulators are either: not fully compatible,not finished, don’t run on osx or require being online… so…question stands :slight_smile:

I’m big fan of pico8 because i get to do everything on my desktop before pushing the .png to say, a pocketchip.
I was wondering, on OSX, is there an arduboy simulator so i can develop something while on the train without having to reflash every 5 minutes? Thank you and sorry if the question is dumb, i’m a n00b :slight_smile:


No there isn’t anything beyond what searches would yeid at this time.

Is probably the most direct for what you are looking for but as you mentioned does require you to be online.

For offline there is the Proton Arduboy Simulator (for Windows Visual C++ 2005)

Which as you noted is for windows, but I wonder if it could be ported to visual studio for mac?

But the short answer again, is no sorry nothing yet. It would be great, and we would love to support something like this if a developer wanted to come on-board, but the issue up until now is nobody is willing to commit full time to finish their app.

This is why I put together the “ardushield”. Not an emulator, but it doesn’t need to be turned on, doesn’t chew battery for development, has all the pins out in the open, and if I need the leonardo for something else I can just take off the shield.

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Thanks for the heads up - that is useful.

@mwm- makes sense, thank you