Simple Charades, Heads-up, Pictionary-like game?

I’m thinking about making something like Heads-Up. Is there anything out there already? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

I would keep it very simple as I’m very new to this. But I like the idea of something to play while waiting in line with my kid, or lunch table while waiting for food, etc.

Maybe eventually it could evolve to something like:

(iPhone/Android game)

There are plenty of word/action/item lists out there, so I don’t think it will be too hard as a beginner project, but I don’t want to make something that already exists on the Arduboy (I searched everywhere I could).



Don’t worry about that, there’s no rule against having multiple implementations of the same game. You wouldn’t be treading on anyone’s toes or anything if there were preexisting versions of the same game.

Just worry about the game you want to make and what you’ll learn in the process. If it also entertains other people, that’s just a bonus.

Pictionary is doable, but you’d still need to bring a pencil and paper with you. Trying to draw something recognisable on the Arduboy’s screen would be a little bit awkward, especially for a young child with undeveloped dexterity. Essentially what you’d be making is a portable game board.

Charades wouldn’t require a separate pencil and paper, but I’m not sure what you’d actually be getting the game to do since charades is usually played entirely with gestures and memory. I guess you’d be using it to keep score or write down answers?

Heads-Up seems like it’s pretty much just a cross between charades and the old ‘who am I?’ parlour game, so likewise it should be fairly easy to create. The fact the words are pregenerated and randomly chosen gives a good reason to have software involved. You’d be using buttons instead of tilting though.

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I think these are great ideas! Heads up would be an easy one to do!

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