Simple Genius (Simon) Clone

This a simple Simon (or Genius in Brazil) clone that was created as a last project to a Kids Arduboy Programming Course. It’s a simple game, but it tries to mix various subjects learned throught the classes.

The interface is in portuguese, but the game mimics the Simon mechanics, picking a random color every turn and waiting for the player input.
The controls are:
UP - Green
RIGHT- Yellow
DOWN - Blue
LEFT - Red


I hope you guys enjoy this little contribuition to the Arduboy community, a place full of great people ready to teach and help everyone!


Opa! Curso de Arduboy no Brasil?! Onde?! o_O

I liked the idea of using the RGB LED to play Genius. :smiley:

A kids Arduboy programming course?

We’d like to hear more about this.

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Yes … more information please!

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I work in a development company of courseware for both children’s and vocational courses in the areas of robotics and programming.
The Arduboy programming course is part of a series of courses, which runs through Blender, Unity and ends at Arduboy, with a language aimed at children aged 8 to 12 years.
As the development is in it’s final phase, I don’t know what franchise or schools will have it in your grid, but when I have this information I can tell it here.


Thanks! The only negative point is that as the game progresses the eye is getting more tired with the flashes :grin: