Simple Idle Cash

A quick weekend project used to teach my son programming.
Just press the A or B to spend the cash and watch it pile up.

Cash increases slowly at first.
Buildings cost $1000 more than last building
Towers cost 100 buildings more than last tower
Cites cost 30 towers more than last city


Nice one. How old is your son? You can never start programming too early.

Glad to see a function being declared before it’s used for a change.
(Instead of relying on the non-standard .ino behaviour to avoid predeclaration.)

I was going to cricise the use of sprintf, but then I remembered that there isn’t an overload for arduboy.print(uint64_t), so I can understand why it’s used.

Although 255 chars is more than you need.
At most you need 31 chars: 10 (Length of "Building: ") + 20 (length of 2^64) + 1 (null terminator).

He’s 9 years old :slight_smile: Arduboy is a great way to learn C++ game programming. Its easy to make a small fun game

Good point. Old habit from my DOS programming days :slight_smile:


Having some interesting new simple games popping up!

This game concept illustrates one of my favorite mechanics ever: Press X occasionally to win. This is how I feel about some of my all time favorites like Final Fantasy 7 and Chrono Trigger. Obviously these games have other mechanics but a lot of it is just mashing through dialogues and auto-attacking.

It also illustrates how simple games can really captivate a young mind. I showed Tetris to a 3 year old who just watched the blocks piled up, getting excited that “I’m building something!”.

I’ve got a goal to organize the Arduboy Arcade / Game Library so that there is a suggested age group for the apps.

Love to see when parents and kids are learning together!