Single Ennead - a Triple Triad demake

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This is a demake of the Triple Triad trading card game from the Final Fantasy franchise. In this clone, there are 100 cards to collect, each with different art and flavor text.


  • Arrow Keys: move the cursor.
  • A: Confirm
  • B: Back

How To Play

  • Players take turns playing cards on a 3x3 grid. Both starts with 5 cards of their color.
  • When you play a card, if a number is larger than the adjacent cards’s number, you capture the card for your color.
  • The play who has the most cards of their color wins. Cards in hand are counted.

Spoils of war

  • Winner gets to keep one card of their opponent’s, plus some amount of Gil depending on the league.
  • If you already own a that card, you will instead gain a large bonus Gil.
  • Gil may be used to purchase cards or change the active rules.


You are promoted to the next league for every 10 cards to own. You may be demoted if you do not have enough cards.

Collection View

You can view your collection of cards from the Collection view.
Press A to purchase a card with Gil. Cards at higher ranks cost more.


You may visit the Queen of Cards to view current active rules. Press A to change one random rule for 500 Gil.

  • WIN: RANDOM: Winner gets to take a random card from the loser.
  • WIN: LOWEST: Winner gets to take the lowest ranked card from the loser.
  • WIN: HIGHEST: Winner gets to take the highest ranked card from the loser.
  • PAYOUT: 1X/2X/3X/4X: Base winnings is multiplied by this amount.
  • PLAY: CHOOSE: You get to choose which card to play.
  • PLAY: ORDER: You must play the first card in your hand.
  • PLAY: RANDOM: You must play a random card from your hand.
  • SETUP: NONE: You play with all the cards you’ve selected.
  • SETUP: SWAP: At the beginning of the game, a random card in your hand is swapped with one from you opponent’s hand.
  • SETUP: REPLACE: At the beginning of the game, a random card is your hnd is replaced with a random card.
  • VISIBILITY: HIDDEN: You cannot see your opponent’s hand.
  • VISIBILITY: OPEN: Your opponent’s hand is revealed.
  • VISIBILITY: THREE: Three cards from your opponent’s hand is revealed.
  • CAPTURE: NORMAL: Normal capture rules apply.
  • CAPTURE: FALLEN ACE: “1” beats “A”.
  • CAPTURE: ATTACKER: You win ties on your turn.


  • Add more rules.
  • Add flavor texts to all the cards.
  • Add animations for when cards are captured.
  • Add swap and replace animations.
  • Make the AI better.


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A classic! :smiley: thanks!

This is very cool. I’m impressed with the extra stuff you’ve added over the base game, like the extra rules and being able to buy cards.
I’d suggest Tetra Master next, but for it to be programmed it would first need to be understandable by humans :smile:

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Oook, it’s been year, but i finally finished it!

  • All cards have flavor text
  • Fixing some bugs
  • “Post-game content”!

I haven’t played it yet but congratulations on finishing the game.

Hahaha. I just opened the game without reading the text… and I’m playing the game… selecting cards… ok look at all these ?? hmm… Then I get to the play field and I’m like going up and down to select my cards and thinking to myself “hey this reminds me of that final fantasy card game”… rotflmao