SkateArdDie! - Awesome


Ahahaha i’m totally hyped for this. great job :smiley:

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Hahahah thanks! It’s coming along for sure!

great job!!!

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DUDE! I loved playing this on my old GameBoy! What a great game!! It’s crazy how close to the source material your game is.

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was trying to remake the entire game (well, at least an homage to it, anyway!) but it’s at the point now where if i add anything it becomes too large to compile for the device… might consider making the player sprites a bit smaller and see if that helps :slight_smile:

my other game ‘ardventure island’ is going to be along the same lines, a nice homage to the original, hopefully i’ll get some more time to work on it!

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I was able to free up over 1500 bytes of code space by porting SkateArdDie to Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones.

You may be able to save a bit more space by changing any variables that will will always be between 0 and 255 from int to byte. You should also change any int that never goes negative to unsigned int.

Any place you use a value of 1 for everyXFrames() is just wasting space (I found 3 places in your code).

Note: You have a line:

The parameter that is passed to everyXFrames() is an 8 bit byte, so the maximum value allowed is 255.


thanks for the tips! i’ll change it up when i get a chance!
i’ll look into arduboy2 and arduboytones, very interesting! (silly me, i’ve been out of the forums basically forever because i was pretty much waiting for my device to show up before actually getting into the coding side of things)

My changes are at

I can create a pull request to your repository if you wish.

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oh, awesome!

for sure, feel free!

i just digged out my original game and playing it now side by side, thanks mate.


bad n rad is one of my all time faves! i never liked how they FORCED you to listen to the entire intro song though on the title screen before they let you play!

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thanks to MLXXXp, it’s now ported over to Arduboy2 and ArduboyTones libraries - AND it’s something like 6% less footprint!


Awesome. I love this game

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Hi could you add in a little video

I recently added a Sprites class to the Arduboy2 library. This created a conflict with the Sprites class included locally in SkateArdDie. This causes a compile error:
sprites.h:29: error: redefinition of 'class Sprites' - error

I’ve made modifications to SkateArdDie to switch to using the Arduboy2 Sprites class. My new version can be found here.

I’ve created a pull request for the changes, so hopefully the original will be updated (if my fix works properly).

I merged the pull request :slight_smile: thanks!

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when my arduboy arrives I playing this!

Is anyone else having the problem where when you put the game onto the arduboy, it doesn’t let you put another one on. if so and if you were able to change the game, please tell me how to.
I am on a macbook.

Have you tried flash light mode?

Have you tried pressing the reset button?

flashlight mode is not turning on.