Sketch-A-Sketch: Simple Drawing App

(Ccaroon) #1


Sketch-A-Sketch is a simple drawing program ala Etch-A-Sketch


  • Directional buttons move the cursor.
  • A Button toggles drawing on and off
  • B Button toggles color between black and white
  • Pressing A and B simultaneously resets
  • The Top-Left corner indicates whether drawing is on or off
    • “+” == ON
    • “-” == OFF
  • The Top-Right corner indicates whether the color is black or white
    • “B” == Black
    • “W” == White


From GitHub


Sketch-A-Sketch was developed with PlatformIO.

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
"Semi-Official" Game List for the Arduboy
(Ivan Kravets @ PlatformIO) #2

I’ve just made PR to your example. We have released new PlatformIO CLI 2.9.3 today with full support for Arduboy. Now, you can use arduboy board and Arduboy library #192 from our PlatformIO Library Registry.

Here is more details how to use PlatformIO IDE with Arduboy:

(Ccaroon) #3

Sweet! That’ll make development much easier.