Slangin' - Drug Wars/Dope Wars clone


I got my Arduboy FX earlier this month and wanted to get my feet wet making stuff for it. Nothing too fancy–pretty much a direct port of the old Drug Wars game for TI-8x calculators that’s floating around out there. It’s been over 20 years since the last time I coded anything in C/C++ so I’m sure there are all kinds of bugs, but I’ve played through it a few times now so it’s probably mostly working.

Code and release are also up on my Gitea.

Hey nothing personal, not hating on this game or anything. I know it’s also a clone of of a style that’s already out there. But unfortunately since there are parents who come on this site thinking if they want to buy this for their kids that I can’t easily have this in the community as it represents the brand as well.

You can msg @filmote about putting it in his cart builder and you are of course more than welcome to have it on your own site, and also probably as well.

I had a laugh about seeing it here but just can’t take the risk of it impacting the sales.

Happy to host this for you.