Small Mandlebrot demo

Hey all!
I made this Mandlebrot renderer demo awhile back when I first got the Arduboy, and thought I should post it here.

It allows you to render the fractal one pixel at a time, or all in one go (which is faster). You can select between these modes with A and B. You can also set the number of iterations per pixel using the up and down buttons.
Mandelbrot.hex (23.5 KB)


works nice!
some suggestions:

  1. That “B” version runs significantly faster, maybe you could create a version that updates on a scanline base
  2. maybe add a dither or something to add a variance beyond black/white
  3. would be nice to be able to select a rectangular region to zoom in and you’d repeat the process
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Those would definitely be some good features for an expanded version of the demo. I might start work on something like that!

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Ah very cool! I had something like this working very early on but it was slow and would crash sometimes, nice!

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I remember implementing a Mandelbrot set viewer in high school on a TI-89 calculator; that was a VERY slow platform to do anything like this.


Wow, nice job man :slight_smile: Do you think you could add a zoom feature? That would take it to another level.

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Cool! Coincidentally I’m also working on something involving the Mandelbrot set. It’s such an intriguing fenomenon.

You can speed up the calculations considerably by using fixed point math, for example with Pharap’s FixedPoints library:


I didn’t consider that, but I can definitely see how it would increase performance. Thanks for that!

Having used fixed points previously, I can testify that the improvements are significant.