Smart Response XE Re-purposed into Arduboy

(Larry Bank) #403

Reminder - today is a 10% off sale on eBay and I’ve still got a bunch of XE’s to sell. If anyone is interested, I can make a bundle deal that’s quite good (e.g. 2 for $10). Let me know today.


(Ramon Moorlag) #404

as a teacher Computer Science in the Netherlands, I’ve asked SMART to sponsor a few units for in my pre-vocational class. I also teach a pre-university class and somehow the vocational group is under the impressions that they will never achieve greatness. Let’s start hacking devices and have a lot of fun doing it.

Are there any units (for sale) in Europa? In case SMART isn’t able to provide me with a few units.

btw, love this active community❤️

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(Ramon Moorlag) #405

I’ve asked Smart for a few contacts with other teachers. Two contacts replied. One from Washington and one from Spain. Both of them are going to sponsor some devices. And best of all. Smart is going to help with shipping costs.

So looking forward to 2019. Let’s hack with students :smiley:


(Andre Boutin-Maloney) #406

Hey folks, I’m wondering if you might be able to provide more step by step guidance in helping me convert some XE devices to Arduboys.

Full disclosure: I’m a teacher and our school has a full set of the Smart Response XE devices. I don’t know much about electronics or programming; I’m hoping there’s someone one here that could guide me through the process as I try to replicate your work. I really like the idea of repurposing them into something fun that the students could play with.

Initial questions I have:

  1. Should I order one of these?
  2. When the Arduboy software gets installed, is it possible to load more than one game at a time?
  3. The SMART Response receiver device is not needed/useless in this endeavor?
  4. The school also has a set of Senteo PE units - did anyone find a practical use for these devices?

(Larry Bank) #407

I’m liquidating my remaining SmartResponse PE (the smaller unit with the TI SoC). I’ve currently got them listed on Ebay as a set of 4 for $8. If you want more, I can make you a better deal.


(serisman) #408

did you ever find anything interesting to do with them?


(Larry Bank) #409

No, but then again, my quest has been to fill my head with “The IoT”, so it was a useful learning experience. I did use my experience for something practical - I created a commercial project for my daughter’s scoliosis doctor and it looks like I will be designing a constellation of electronic doo-dads for him in the near future.

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