Smash and Crash!

Dare I say, this could be the first Gamebuino port!

Screenshot of GB version

I currently have a questionably working version for the Arduboy (many ideas were cut, and I can’t test the build), but I’d like to upload it, in case it works.

Now, why did I do this?

  • Gamebuino is no longer supported by the creator (Sad, I know).

  • Arduboy seems to be strong (Seriously, a manufactured case?!?).

  • Higher Resolution (this game did about 50-75% CPU on GB, so I’m confident in it).

Download Link:
Smash and Crash for Arduboy!


Awesome. Just ran the game on my arduboy. Had to do some quick code tweaks before it compiled. Mainly there was a missing semi-colon in SmashAndCrash.ino line ~50 (ab.print(“Press A”)), and comment out #include <ab_logo.h>.

I had to randomly press a and b a few times before the game starts, I think its running fast and the character is dying before I saw anything.

But it runs :smile:

What really? Maybe this should go in it’s own thread.

Has this been confirmed? Can we read this somewhere ? @Skyrunner65 where did you hear, read this?

This is completely false. The Gamebuino community has slowed down while Rodot was busy finishing his master’s degree but he’s back now and just finished a large batch of Gamebuinoes. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a surprise or two coming.

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I was going to say, I check the Gambuino forums every once in a while. Heck there is even a thread where a dev talks about getting Kevin to help them produce a better Gambuino device.

@Drakker I thought so too, but I’m still wondering as why @Skyrunner65 would post this ?

He posted it after some discussions in this thread:

See the end of page one and the beginning of page two. He must have misinterpreted what was written there.

I would love to work together with rodot I should reach out to him again! His setup with the bootloader and sd card is preferable I think…

On the Gamebuino forum everyone is convinced that the SD card with a bootloader is the way to go. The two consoles aren’t all that different really, which is great because a lot of things can be ported from one to the other. But the manufacturing process of the Arduboy is clearly superior. The Gamebuino however is a lot more “hackable” with access to the SPI pins and a case designed so that you can easily access the hardware. Maybe you could make the Arduboy 1.1 Gamebuino compatible or something. Both communities would really benefit by working together.