Sodalite - Roguelike style action

sodalite.ino.hex (40.6 KB)

Reach the stairs on each floor and go inside!


Source code: GitHub - jyujyun/sodalite_Arduboy: a game for arduboy

Use items … A
Change items … B
Throw away items … hold B and press A
Wand(q) … Shoot a magic ball(Can be used 4 times)
Health potion(+) … Heal your hert
Warp potion(>) … Warp to next floor
==Change log==
2023/9/25 v1.0
2023/12/3 v1.1 Change - When the player starts moving, the enemy starts moving.

My first arduboy game!


This is actually quite nice, great job! One thing that’s bothersome though is that it’s hard to know where you are at the start since you spawn in a random location, and then all the enemies start moving shortly after, usually costing me some health. If that’s part of the challenge that’s fine, but it would be nice to have an opportunity to react. For instance, if the enemies couldn’t spawn within 1 square of you, or if the enemies don’t start moving until you move so you can find where you are on screen (though I know that might remove quite a bit of the hectic feel). Up to you ofc

:+1: * excellent idea

How about blinking to indicate spawning point?

Thank you for playing!
I’ll try it!

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