Software due date

Never thought I would be the guy asking this but I’d like to know if there is a rough due date where we should be ready with our games?
It doesn’t need to be exact, just roughly some goal (you promise no pull ins) so I know where this is going for me.


Around summer I guess.

From pm with @bateske:


Thanks! Ok, so it looks like 6 to 7 months from now. phew :sweat:
That’s going to be a ride.


Ok I like that. I was trying to get things done already :slight_smile: I can take time to fine tune better then.

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So were we, but we’ve decided to halt development for now because @filmote’s out of town and there are still so many implementation details that are up in the air that we can’t really do much until the Arduboys ship.

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That’s fine by me, more time means our games will be even better. And we will maybe use the FX chip better as well.

Is Fmanga on board with this too? Having ProjectAbe emulate the FX chip would help us ( or at least me) since we don’t have the actual hardware to test it on…

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Not yet. At this rate we’re going to end up with a group of 20 instead of a group of 10. :P

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Fmanga is awesome… I’d imagine he would be able to make a GB emulator for the Arduboy. :laughing:

I reached out to @FManga already on something else about the emulator, he says he is moving out of the country right now won’t have much time. He is from Brazil so I hope his move is safe.

And yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if this group gets up to 20 a few months from now. Certainly once we have the software stack working and the process for using the extra memory we can start opening it up more. Once the campaign is live the section will be completely open too.

The timeline is kind of long, there is no real pressure to produce the games other than your own interest. My feeling is that once most of the games are at least 80% “done” we can start looking at scheduling a launch.

I’ve also still got about 5,000 Arduboys in stock around the world and would probably want to sell through most of those first. And to be honest at the current rate that would probably take most of the year, so I’m kind of thinking of how I could run promotions or maybe even do some more sales events next year to burn through those.


Like the one he made for Pokitto?

Possibly plausible, but I suspect it would depend on how fast reading from the FX chip is.

That explains why he’s been quite quiet lately.

It’s not too late to start a “give the gift of programming” campaign. :P

I think I may run a last minute gift campaign for anyone in the US. It’s probably too late to guarantee shipping internationally for Christmas.

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tldr; Idea: game jam in july, kickstarter in august, software gold in september

So, starting to get a feeling for a timeline and an optimal way to launch this.

I think maybe either end of July or beginning of August to launch the kickstarter.

Here is my big idea, it is all up in the clouds would need to start making it happen:

Partner with and/or other similar outlets for a Game Jam that is promoted by the partner sites. I need to figure out the details but it probably means also posting the games and development to their platform. The promotion would be a game jam to develop new games with the FX chipset. By this time the library will hopefully be useful to other people (it seems like it could soon be at that point?). The prize would be something bigger than usual, I think that is the key to bringing other partners on board. A big part of this promotion would involve also building the hardware on your own too. But having development kits also sponsored by the partner could be awesome too. Hackster or someone like them could help cover the cost of production and sell the dev kits at a lower price with their branding on them.

There are two ways I see of doing this:

Have the game jam start before, and finish at the first day of the kickstarter launch.

  • Provides maximum lead in traction
  • Kickstarter benefits from game jam, but game jam does not benefit from kickstarter.

Have the game jam start at the launch of the ks, and finish at the end of the ks.

  • No lead in traction but creates intense sense of urgency and excitement as the campaign and the game jam are happening at the same time.
  • But if neither gain traction, nobody may care.

Actually looking at it now, it probably makes sense to do the game jam first as having the most number of people aware about the kickstarter BEFORE it starts is the best benefit to have.

Thinking about this live right now, this could work with the travel idea because I could actually go and meet and interview the winners of the game jam. Potentially delivering some nice swag from like what if it was some nice soldering tool equipment maybe? And a coupon for some free pcbs?

Needless to say you would all have a massive leg up on the rest of the community on developing games for the new FX platform but I think that is appropriate having helped develop the library.

I guess the last question is, is a month enough time to run a game jam for people to really use the FX chip? Is it easy enough we could expect new developers not familiar with Arduboy to jump in on this? Do you think there is an untapped market of game developers out there we could reach somehow?


I think it’s a bold dicision to do a FX gamejam in two month (that’s 8-10 weekends from now). Although the library is making nice progress now. there is still a lot to do, like working on the sound and save functions and then there’s the API documentation, examples and the fx tools. Also the developers on the project here still need to get acquainted with the devkits.


one more month?

game jam august, kickstarter september, software gold october?

EDIT: I also want to reiterate there is actually no pressure for getting stuff done, the whole point of doing this is just to synchronize efforts and provide support for each other. If you want more time it’s up to you. I’d just like to do it sometime this year.

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sounds better.

[quote=“bateske, post:14, topic:6929”]
I also want to reiterate there is actually no pressure for getting stuff done[/quote]

I know but there’s some contradictory. For a successful jam there must be a stable library with documentation and required tools to get Jammers started. So there’s a deadline to work toward to.

For the kickstarter, will it be for a DevKit in current design or Arduboy FX with the flexboard or a maybe new board design?

Well, we have to set a “deadline” but we can set it together, and we can also move it.

Yeah I plan on making available a dev kit for the new hardware. I haven’t figured out the details but would like to make it just like the original dev kit just with the flash chip.

The KS will be selling the flex board mod chip, and also units that are currently in inventory will be upgraded and laser engraved.

So just an update, everything kind of hinging on the development kits getting produced and out there.

Once the development kits are shipping then I want to start the game jam and that will probably not be next month. So maybe the schedule gets bumped a bit

Game jam in august, kickstarter in september, software gold in october

Because I wasn’t able to get good enough pricing on the Dev Kit’s I’m having to look around other than Seeed Studio to produce them and this might add a month or two to the mix.

Moving forward!