SOLVED: Arduboy bricked after Programer not responding

So, my Arduboy no longer responds after I uploaded my program to it. Arduino IDE told me that the Programmer wasn’t responding (I’m using AVRISP mkII). After that, the screen and all the LEDs went blank, then stayed like that even when resetting it, turning it on, and trying flashlight mode. I normally upload to COM4, but COM5 is used instead when bootloader mode is activated. The screen and the LEDs (except the red one when charging) have been blank ever since then. No luck when searching the internet for a couple hours, and reading through every thread relating to this issue. It’s worked before, and I’d appreciate some help with this.

Sounds like you might have written a too-large-of-sketch to the unit. Did you try this process? (carefully)

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Thanks! I had to press the reset button twice while it was uploading so the port stayed open long enough.