SOLVED: Arduboy (KS) not recognised by Windows (no USB chime etc)

Hi All,

My Arduboy arrived a couple of days ago and while Blob Attack is fun, I want to start uploading new games!

However, when I plug my Arduboy into my PC, nothing happens :frowning:

I don’t hear the USB chime
Nothing appears in the device manager
I can’t select the port in the Arduino IDE

I’ve tried this with different USB cables on two different PCs - both of which I’ve used for Arduino programming recently.

I’ve tried using the reset button without success :frowning:

I’m on Windows 7, 32bit.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!

I get the Red charge LED but not the Yellow Active Data Connection LED :frowning:
I’ve tried connecting it turned ON and turned OFF

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This is probably far too obvious, but your arduboy is switched on while you’re trying to program it, right?
Windows won’t recognise it if it’s switched off.

Right now I’m open to anything, obvious or not! But yes, it’s turned on. In fact, I’ve plugged it in both on and off. Again, no result.

Hmm, if you are using a USB cable that you’ve used to upload code/transfer files with other devices then it’s possible there is an issue with your circuit board or maybe the USB connector. If you could private message me with your details we can try to get this fixed for you.


Hi Kevin!

Success!! I’ve found that my Arduboy’s really fussy on what cable I use - and I’ve tried a bunch tonight but have an old 6" long Nokia one that it likes :slight_smile:

Weird, as the others work fine for everything else?! But working!! And that’s the main thing!!


Could be a flaky micro USB connector on the Arduboy…

Some are more sensitive to weak signals. Often USB cables get bent and twisted a ton, breaking down their connection, different connectors may be more sensitive to signal degredation. Maybe an EE gal or guy has some insight, but that’s my loose understanding of it.

@Krusty Thanks for offering your fix. I won’t close this topic yet in case someone wants to add some technical explanation.

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Whenever I found out who keeps putting solved in front of all of these… use the ‘close topic’ : P plzkthx

It’s a weird one - I figure it’s just time to get a few new cables and bin the older dodgy ones.

Oh and apologies! It was me that added “Solved” to the subject :flushed: I didn’t realize there was another way to mark the issue as resolved.

Haha I’m sort of kidding. We are looking at ways to setup a better ticket system. I actually thought it was @bateske, so thanks for using the other topics an example, and my apologies as well : )

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