[SOLVED] Arduboy not recognized on Mac

hi guys ,
I’m using a MacBook Pro 2016 13" with macos 10.13.2.
my brand new arduboy is not recognized on serial port available.
to connect it I used the method that is write on the box (turn on the ab, connect it to usb, start Arduino ide).

some weeks ago I used an Arduino uno on the same pc and it worked.
the ab works on a windows laptop.
can anyone help me?

Are you running the latest Arduino IDE on your mac?

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yes, obv

What error message do you get?

Are you certain you’re using the right port?

Did you remember to set the board type to Leonardo or Arduboy?


come on man, I’m not a noob. in my pc there are only 2 usb c port , obv I’m using the right port but if you mean the serial port , I don’t see the ab I the list (that’s why I opened a threat),

Folks are trying to help by asking defining questions and the responses seem as if we are insulting you.

I’m out.


I’m sorry man,
that wasn’t my intention to look rude.
English is not my native language, if I translate it in my language it is not absolutely offensive. just a bit joking.

I’m so sorry if I wrote that reply in a rude way.

I had trouble with my older Mac and had to follow these instructions: However, with my new Mac (which is running High Sierra) I never had to do this.



when you connect the Arduboy, do you see the green LED at the bottom flicker at all?

Also, do you see anything from the following output.

ls -ra /dev/cu.usbmodem*


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no, I don’t see any green…

ls: /dev/cu.usbmodem*: No such file or directory

i ran the code when ab was connected and on

already installed it, still don’t working

Damn. I thought that might be the problem.

The issue appears to be common for Arduino and Macintosh. Maybe these links may help?



thank you very much @filmote for the help, but none is working.

the strangest thing is that I used a SparkFun RedBoard some weeks ago without installing any drivers and worked fine.

Oh that is interesting … does it still work? You would think that if one ‘Arduino’ board worked, they all would.

When its working, what ports are listed in the Arduino IDE? What one did you select when uploading?

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tried with a fake Chinese Arduino UNO (the spark fun one’s is property of my school so I can’t use it at the moment) and worked fine…

You didn’t mention that any LED lit up. If you hook up Arduboy I would expect a red LED (for charging) light up. If you’re using the included USB cable it is possible to insert it the the other way around in which case nothing happends.
is the power switch in the right most position and is the USB cable connected in the right position? Have you tried a different USB cable?

FTDI drivers or the CH30x won’t be any good. they may work for your UNO or Sparkfun Read boards as they use dedicated USB to serial bridge chips. But Arduboy does not.

Arduboy uses a software USB implementation and behaves exactly like an Arduino Leonardo. Is there a driver folder in your Arduino OSX package/installment? I think installing a libusb USB CDC driver may be more successful.

When you do a ls /dev/ in terminal do you see any difference when you have Arduboy Connected and when you’ve not?

If not you could google for OSX Arduino Leonardo USB issues


And if you unplug the Uno and plug the Arduboy back in, what ports do you see in the IDE?

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both yes.

sorry but I don’t know if I understood the question.
in the folder of the app there’s a plugin folder with only javappletplugin.plugin

i will try now

Really? I must have installed these drivers for my Arduino boards not my Arduboy. Sorry to lead you astray, @chrisz

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no , nothing change…