[solved] Arduboy not using leonardo port

Hi, I received my arduboy from Amazon the other day ready and working. It is still working but I can’t put any new games on it as both the manager I use and the drivers don’t recognize the arduboy. it is also not using the com3 port as the arduboy is using but arduino is saying it is using com1 but not working what is the fix to this problem.

I just recently look at some other forms and found if you install adventure the port dosent show up so how do i fix this issue? I did the upload feature and it showed up but how do i get this game off so i can learn for future use.

Follow the Arduventure Reprogramming Guide but note that the current version of Arduventure uses the down button, not the up button.


just found how to get rid of it you do the upload in the game and in the arduino and it wipes it off then you can go back to putting games on and off as you please again.

also thank you @MLXXXp for that link as well. ^^^

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