[Solved] Bricked Arduboy?

when i uploaded sketch probably bricked my Arduboy.
The only signs of life is green LED when turned on like in a movie.

This sketch that I uploaded previously worked on this arduboy.
I tried to reset Arduboy with small button on the left of microUSB port.
I tried start with UP_KEY. Nothing helps.
The green LED still lights up for a few seconds after switching on.

Upload sketch on Arduino 1.8.5 on ArchLinux with Arduboy Board and AVRISP mkll.
Device is not present i dmesg.

Any ideas how to fix it? What does this GREEN LED mean?

Which game did you have on the device and which game did you tried putting on the device?


When you press the reset button your Arduboy will enter bootloader mode for uploading a new sketch. However this mode only remains active for about 8 seconds. so you have to time carefully when to press reset.

Hard to tell. It’s turned on and off by the bad sketch you’ve uploaded.

Try to browse / search the forum on how to fix upload problems. It has been asked and solved before several times (Sorry don’t have a link at hand atm).


Actually. The time was too big between the reset button and the upload sketch.
I tried again and succeeded. Thank you all for your help!


Great to hear that your Arduboy is back to working condition!

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