[Solved] Do I have to flash it? After reset is not recognized by Windows

I use Linux, so I don’t know if I can be of much further help. It could be a problem with the Windows driver. Is there anyone reading this who knows what the errors indicate?

for one thing your selecting the wrong board, you should be selecting board arduboy, ( if that board is not in your list download it in the board manager)

the PORT should say arduino leonardo but the BOARD should say arduboy

As the Quick Start Guide mentions, you can select Arduboy or Arduino Leonardo as the board type. Either selection will work fine.

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well i tried to help, thank you for correcting me

This is pretty odd, looks like possibly the USB ID may have got corrupted somewhere along the line. If you don’t feel comfortable with reprogramming the device (you can also do it with another arduino if you have one) please let us know at the contact page www.arduboy.com/contact and we can try to help you from there.

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Thanks everybody, I think I am screwed :frowning:

Mine suffers that same problem… :confused:

I already sent some details using “contact us” @bateske and waiting for their answer now. Thanks for the advice. So depressing to see the little dude sick like this, not wanting to play games lol hahaha

Not likely, since the IDE is showing (Arduino Leonardo) beside the port name, which means it’s talking to the Arduboy, reading the IDs and recognising it as a Leonardo.

The leonardo bootloader contains 2 pair of VID/PID combinations. One is a normal virtual serial port (for loading code) and the second is serial+hid device.

My serial+hid device works as normal, but after reset I do not get any new port. You can check how it works by enabling verbose in the arduino IDE:


(this is my capture, COM5 goes away after reset and the new COM never appears as it should)

Still no answer from support :confused:

I ordered a new one from Pimoroni store, I hope new one does not die during the first week.

Have you reached out to us via the contact page? www.arduboy.com/contact that is the best way to get a hold of us if you have a problem with your Arduboy.

Yes, I sent a message back to Celine on monday, still no answer. Maybe everyone is on Easter vacations? :rabbit2:

now is this an every time you try thing?

i have a similar problem, every day, but if i restart my pc, it works fine,
also note that i can ONLY load games through arduino, team args game loader wont open, craits always tries to send the game to another port

I cannot get my PC to detect the port at any time, my arduboy it is stuck forever with the last game I loaded. I think your problem is related with the driver and not the hardware.

Try this:

Go to arduino and file / preferences. Check “Verbose” option for upload. Try to upload a code after rebooting your PC.

Save the output. Repeat again and save the output again.

I am guessing that the second time the driver is not properly installed. Post your output here to check what happened.

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Yay! Support will send a new one to replace my dead Arduboy :slight_smile:

Kudos to Arduboy people!


they are pretty awesome like that


My Arduboy is showing the same symptoms.

I put a game on it last night to try out from the game jam and that went on fine. I then decided to put on a game I regularly play but when I tried to install the game it came up with Windows doesn’t recognise the USB device. I tried resetting it via the up button and then I tried the pin in the hole method which has worked in the past.

I also tried to update the drivers but all to no avail.

Who do I contact for a replacement?

Pimoroni where I bought the Arduboy or Arduboy themselves?

Ask Arduboy support first, they are really helpful

Cheers! I’ve dropped them an email.

Same issue here.

Pitty we can’t flash the board ourselves with AVR.

Does this mean it has to go back?

What causes it? Will the new one have the same issue after a week?

You CAN flash it yourself Bring your Arduboy back from the dead (burn bootloader)