[SOLVED-ish] How to upload games on flash cart for SH1106 display. HELP!

Hello everyone as I am a new member of this community and I have recently tried to make my homemade Arduboy using a SSD1309 Oled display 1.54 inch and a arduino pro micro and I am also using the flash cart W25Q128 winbond 16MB memory chip.
Now my question is there are so many videos and version of the arduboy and how to flash games in the flash cart and I dont understand any of them and how to do it. But after struggling a lot with what version of Arduboy should I make I choose to make the Arduboy FX but dont know much about the FX activator and many more options. So please Mr.Blinky or anyone can you give the latest instructions on how can I upload the image.bin file with the Arduboy FX activator and what bootloader should I burn for the FX activator.
Please help me with the software instruction (NOTE: I have wired it up like Arduboy leonardo/Micro that means I have soldered additional wires to the MCU)

Edit: It was actually a SH1106 display the distributers of this display told me wrong so I kinda F***ed up.

Before you can put a game image on the flashchip you need to burn the cathy3K bootloader into the Pro Micro. You can do this with an ISP programmer or another Arduino that has the Arduino as ISP Example sketch uploaded.

The activator is only necessary if you installed the fx modchip onto an original arduboy. If you have direct access to the icsp pins on the atmega32u4 cpu just burn the cathy3k bootloader using an icsp programmer and then you can just plug the arduino in via usb to flash games using the python flashcart builder/burner program.

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but what type of board should I select for the bootloader

thanks for the reply!
can you tell me what are icsp pins are of the pro micro and can I use it in the circuit that i have just made?

With the Homemade package installed, Select Arduboy versions > Arduboy FX (asuming you’re also using SDA for flash chipselect)

For bootloader you can choose Cathy3K starts with menu if you want to power up into the menu or Cathy 3K starts with game if you want the last flashed game to start up (you can press DOWN while powering up to enter the menu in this case)


(image source)

What circuit is that?

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The picture I gave above in the bread board

Okay i have burned the bootloader few minutes ago after researching a lot in the community and now a pic is shown in the display USb boot

and with the flash cart do I need to convert the signals using a level shifter? is it necessary currently I dont have one and I accidently burned the previous flash cart by giving reverse voltage and now i gave to get another so can i upload single games to it by using the ssd1309 oled display driver 1.54 inch?

and i have burned the bootloader using arduino as Isp

That’s as it should. The USB icon shows when the flash chip is not initialized yet

You can do without one.

If you’re on windows run the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat it will give you a few more options. On the option menu check apply SSD1309 display patch

Use the upload flash image button to upload the flash image file to the flash chip

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Thank you so much for your quick response and can you tell me
where can i find the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat is it in a zip file or something else if it is then please give the files and can you please tell me briefly what should i do to upload the flash image and where can find the image.bin file and currently i dont have any flash cart so can i upload single games in the arduino pro micro(using arduboy Leonardo/Micro wiring diagram as you have shown in the Github page of homemade Arduboy)

Oh I thought you’d already downloaded the FX activator unpack the zip and run the run-uploader-gui-windows.bat file.

Alternatively if you have Python 3 already installed with pySerial you can also just run the uploader-gui.py python script.

okay but can you give me the instruction about how to upload single games to the arduboy because i dont have a flash cart currently

use the activator as mentioned above but only use the upload hex file button.

you can grab individual hex files from @filmote’s site here

Oh now i see why the upoad hex file button is there. Thanks i will soon give an update of this after testing the upload hex file option

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Did you test if it still works? It has happened to me too a while back. It burned up the voltage regulator of that project but the flash chip was still fine.

don’t forget to check the ssd1309 display patch option

exactly it still works but i cant upload any flash image it gets stuck at the previous flash image and does not work when I select a game it flashes the game but display shows only a bit of image of the game and there is sound of the game so i need to replace it right?

Yeah sounds like it fried.

LOL i should have changed it earlier. i was thinking if i had the uploading process done wrong so i wanted help to you guys but still i want to test that the single hex file uploading works or not because i dont know if it is a problem with the display or the flash chip

Do i need to change the bootloader menu for this or it stays the same as arduboy Fx as the board and cathy 3k starts with menu as the bootloader??

Not sure I understand you correctly but you do not need to change the bootloader. you can just press A or B to play the last flashed (uploaded in this case) hex file.

Thanks alot @Mr.Blinky for your support of how can i upload hex files but how can i create my own csv file and also image.bin file for the flash cart? can you tell me briefly about the csv file on how can i create or can I change the hex files from a existing csv file because I have an Sh1106 oled display i was wrong about the 1309 so is there any patching system for sh1106 or i have to create my own hex compatible for sh1106 and upload it to the csv? What is the right way?