[SOLVED-ish] How to upload games on flash cart for SH1106 display. HELP!

Did you download and use the latest Python utilities?

I think I didnt use the latest one because i was trying @Cheungbx Ardubaby file which already had all the utilities. Do I need to use the latest python utilities to build image and upload image to my arduboy?

Yes, The version you use is most likely outdated and the cause for the error.

Okay I used the latest one but I think it was the csv file I used because in the picture i saw after utilities file it didnt build the games and said error so i got to that area and saw something unusual and deleted the sample animation and then it built all the games and is working FINE!! :blush: Very Very thanks to you @Mr.Blinky @filmote @Ard_Flamingo and @sjm4306 to help me upload games on the flash cart and sort the problems I had with my Homemade Arduboy. How can I return this favor to you guys :sweat_smile:. I am so glad and happy now but If I have any future problems i will tell you guys. Thanks again everybody :grin:

SOLUTION:- Solved the issue it was mainly because of the display it was SH1106 but I thought it is a SSD1309 display. About uploading the games on flash cart for SH1106 display I just had to download every single game from the flash cart website of @Mr.Blinky and @filmote and then had to find if the game was using the latest Arduboy2 Library cause the display only works with the Arduboy2 library and then had to recompile for sh1106 display and export the hex file and add to the csv file and then made the image.bin file from Mrblinky pyhton utilities and uploaded the image.bin using the flashcartwriter.py from the python utilities and it requires pyhton 3.