[Solved] Keep Getting Errors

So I got my Arduboy almost a year ago, but I have been in the middle of a move and life, etc. But, I pulled it out today to try again and see if I could upload some different games on it. I have downloaded all the libraries. I have tried updating to the latest version of the IDE and would get an error massage saying something about no programmer assigned. I switched to an earlier version and got a different message. I switched to v1.6.9 after seeing someone suggest that it was the best version, but I am now getting a new error, “error compiling for board Arduino Leonard”. I’m using a Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

arduino IDE should be over 1.8.2
make sure your arduboy is on
use a decent cable (not a power cable like Nokia, but also data)
make sure the correct port is selected and is showing up in the IDE

did you use the build in library manager of the IDE to find the Libraries ?

Thanks. Yes, the arduino is on. I’m using the cable that came with it. Whenever I click upload, the led flashes and the screen goes blank before I get my error message. The correct port is selected and all the libraries were added using the IDE library manager. I’m downloading 1.8.2 right now. I’ll see how that goes.

can you tell me what is on your Arduboy right now ? What game ?
Can you also tell me what you’re trying to upload ?

Mystic Balloon (that’s what came with it). And I’m trying to follow the quick start and just upload Hello World.

I got it! 1.8.2 seems to have done it! Thank you so much!