SOLVED: My Arduboy Devkit no longer works on battery power

Another way you can work with the devkit is to use custom a boards.txt file like the one here! It lets you choose between release and devkit when compiling. If you use this, be sure to select either the devkit version or the release version before hitting compile.

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This has nothing to do with the problem of “works on USB but not on battery”.

Well, not exactly. But on USB, the LED flashes and the device appears to be being programmed. On Battery, it’s just dead. No LED’s or anything. So this is the first thread I stumbled upon while searching.

It’s mentioned in the Arduboy Library’s file.

Excellent, thanks for pointing that out.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t mentioned in the version of the Arduboy Library I originally downloaded and began using, and I didn’t think to go back and re-read the after updating.

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