[SOLVED]Need Help Please?

(Phil Graham) #41

in the original Arduboy library there was a master file. Does Arduboy2 library use a master file as well?

(Scott) #42

You shouldn’t have downloaded and installed a “master” file even for the original Arduboy library. Doing that was incorrect. Libraries should be installed using the Arduino Library Manager, as has been stated to you repeatedly.

(Phil Graham) #43

Before I used the master file I could never get anything to load up, when I used it I could get it to load the games no problem on the original library.

(Scott) #44

Because you were trying to install games in the wrong place. You shouldn’t have had an Arduboy folder on your desktop. Games are supposed to be installed in the Arduino sketchbook folder. That’s why I said follow the Adding Programs guide and ask if you need help with that.

(Phil Graham) #45

where do I find the sketch folder?

(Scott) #46

With a freshly installed Arduiino IDE it will be the Arduino folder in your Documents folder (and please don’t change it). This is all described in the Adding Programs guide.

(Phil Graham) #47

I will have a look later. I’ll get my Mrs to have a look as she’s got a better understanding of file paths.

(Mike McRoberts) #48

Phil I really think you are turning a simple task into something very complicated by NOT following the Quick Start Guide and trying to do it your own way instead. If you simply followed the guide, step by step, carefully, and without skipping any parts, you would have a working Arduboy by now.

(Phil Graham) #49

My wife has followed the guide step by step and she’s a lot brighter than me, and she can’t do it either.

we keep getting this error message: Arduino: 1.8.1 (Windows 10), Board: “Arduino Leonardo”

C:\Users\philg\Documents\Arduboy Games\YouWontSurvive\YouWontSurvive.ino:12:21: fatal error: Arduboy.h: No such file or directory

#include <Arduboy.h>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Leonardo.

This report would have more information with
"Show verbose output during compilation"
option enabled in File -> Preferences.

(Mike McRoberts) #50

You have not installed the Arduboy library again. Follow the guide step by step please. Clearly you are not.

(Phil Graham) #51

Do you mean this?

(Mike McRoberts) #52

Is that the method for installing the libraries in the Quick Start Guide?

(Phil Graham) #53

sorry mate but i don’t find that comment helpful!

(Mike McRoberts) #54

How did you install the Arduboy library?

(Mike McRoberts) #55

You have also messed around with your sketchbook location again. Read back in this thread. Scott clearly told you what it should be and you’ve changed it. Change it back to what Scott said.

(Phil Graham) #56

Looks like we got there. I apologise for being a bit thick!

(Mike McRoberts) #57

Excellent. Well done.

(Kevin) #58

Hooray everybody! Thanks @MLXXXp and @TheArduinoGuy for the help!

(Phil Graham) #59

A big thank you to Scott, Mike and Kevin who help me sort my Arduboy out.

(Mike McRoberts) #60

No problem Phil. Just remember what you did this time and replicate that for each time you upload a new game and you’ll be good to go.