[SOLVED]Need Help Please?

(Mike McRoberts) #21

Isn’t that what he just did?

(Celine) #22

Hey @phil8715 thank you for reaching out for help in the forum, and @TheArduinoGuy @MLXXXp for helping out.

If you are still struggling to figure out how to switch games I would suggest using @crait 's Arduboy Manager: http://community.arduboy.com/t/arduboy-manager-2-0-released/

You would not need to use the Arduino IDE directly, and since you already have the Arduino driver installed, setting up for the Arduboy Manager would be a breeze. :slight_smile:

(Phil Graham) #23

Sorry but don’t understand do it by hand?

Which method is doing it by hand?

Also I’ve been moving files around I don’t know where I am now. I now can’t even upload games via sketch.

I’m completely lost.

(Scott) #24

I’m trying to sort that out. Follow my previous reply.

(Mike McRoberts) #25

To be honest you would probably be better off completely uninstalling the Arduino IDE and deleting your library folder and starting over. You have obviously installed libraries manually instead of via the Library manager and have screwed up the installation generating errors.

I suggest going through the quick start guide very slowly and carefully making sure you do not miss out ANY steps.

(Phil Graham) #26

I think you might be right.

I’ll do that tomorrow as my head is banging.

Plus I’ve deleted OneDrive off my laptop. Tbh I didn’t realise the files had gone into OneDrive till you pointed it out.

(Scott) #27

To be safe, after uninstalling the Arduino IDE it would be best to delete the Arduino folder found in the Documents folder, before reinstalling the IDE.

(Scott) #28

After uninstalling the IDE and before reinstalling it, you should delete the Arduboy folder on your desktop and also the Arduino folder in the Program Files (x86) folder.

(Phil Graham) #29

I delete everything and start afresh tomorrow.

(Kevin) #30

@phil8715 if you are new to arduino and are having a tough time it might help going on youtube and searching for some other tutorials just getting the IDE setup and folders correct.

Hang in there, you’ll get it! Believe it or not these kinds of problems are something we have all dealt with before, the key is persistence:)

(Phil Graham) #31

I find YouTube extremely helpful.

(Mike McRoberts) #32

How are you getting on Phil? Any luck yet?

(Phil Graham) #33

I’ve deleted everything. I’m out of the house at the moment, and will try a little later.

(Mike McRoberts) #34

OK. Good luck. Let us know if you need any further help.

(Phil Graham) #35

I’ve had a few ideas.

  1. Port the games that use the Arduboy 2 library to use the original Arduboy library.

  2. Put the games into Crait’s launcher

  3. Make a YouTube video of the process to install Arduboy 2 library games onto an Arduboy using a Windows 10 PC, As most video tutorials all use Mac.

(Mike McRoberts) #36
  1. This won’t happen. Arduboy 2 library is the next generation of the library and the original Arduboy library is being phased out. Developers are moving over to the Arduboy2 library as it is smaller, more optimised and has better functionality.

(Phil Graham) #37

Aww OK.

I can load stuff on the arduboy original library, but I’ve been having trouble loading up arduboy 2 stuff.

I still don’t understand the process to load up arduboy 2 library games.

Do I?

Choose the Arduboy 2 library in the Arduino ide via choosing file the preference?

Do I add arduboy 2 and tones in the sketch? This is what I don’t understand.

(Scott) #38

You don’t have to do anything special for games that use the Arduboy2 library. It’s not you that’s selecting what library to use, it’s the game itself.

You just have to install the Arduboy2 library the same way that the Arduboy library is instaled:
By using the Arduino IDE’s Library Manager. You do that by following Step 2 in the Quick Start Guide or by following Mike’s instructions above.

Once you’ve done that, you don’t have to touch anything else.

A game will then automatically find and use Arduboy2 if that’s what it has been programmed to do.

(Phil Graham) #39

When I thought i’d done it, The Arduboy rebooted but came up with a blank screen.

I’ve just got home so I will download and install the Arduino IDE.

(Scott) #40

Please try to follow the Quick Start Guide closely. If you can get through Step 3 and successfully open and upload an example sketch, such as ArduBreakout, you can then try to install other games by following the Adding Programs guide.

If you don’t understand something in the Adding Programs guide, please ask and we will try to explain it in more detail.