[Solved] Please teach me upload my .hex file

So sorry for my poor English.
I wrote my first code for Arduboy. It is a like Rogue.
it has MANY bugs, maybe. I want to fix them, but I have no memory more!


main screen

arrow key : move, attack and select menu
A button: Search, rest, show status and allow
B button: Inventry and deny

But I can’t upload .hex file.
Please teach me upload my .hex file?


Inventry window

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Status window

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To export the hex file select Sketch > Export compiled binary. You can then find the exported file by selecting Sketch > Show sketch folder .

If you post your code as well someone may help you save some memory by optimising your code.

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thank you, @filmote.

I become to “basic user” from “new user”.
I try to upload this code to games category.

Do you have the Arduino IDE installed?
Or have you been using ProjectABE?

If you use the ArduinoIDE, you can use the ‘upload’ button to load the program onto the Arduboy.
Otherwise, you will need to use a special .hex uploader.

I keep a few images handy to demonstrate now:


Thank you for reply, @filmote, @pharap.

I have done upload .hex file in games category.

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