SOLVED: Recalcitrant 6 pin SPI SSD1306 0.96" OLED - SAMD21 woes

What is ArduboyZ? I gather its a port for other processors or something??

Yes, a “minimal” port for Arduino Zero of the original Arduboy library. There are fewer optimisations, which is why I call it minimal. But the SAMD21 chip on the Zero is more powerful/faster so optimisations are less important. My understanding is that it would be more fruitful for my DIY Arduboy based on the SAMD21G18A, which I often refer to as the Ardugirl, to port using the Arduboy2 library so that’s what I’m going to work on now that I have the OLED working using the ArduboyZ library.

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Right … I have since found a link to it > My Arduino Zero based system - The next generation Arduboy?

I wasn’t aware that it existed.

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@MLXXXp linked to it when he kindly provided its pinout for me to use as a guide in my own build.


FWIW, my 0.96" OLED module with CS missing doesn’t have pullups. It only has series resistors (poorly) intended to allow 5V levels on the inputs.


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Mine was a very rare layout, by the looks of things. I couldn’t find an identical image on the web, and none of the module schematics matched it :roll_eyes:

Yes. Even the pinout is reversed from the “standard” for 6 and 7 pin SPI modules.