[SOLVED] The screen was really dim when I turned on the arduboy the other day but charging it does not help and I can barely see anything on it

I just got my arduboy a couple days ago and it was working fine. Today however I went to play it and when I turned it on the screen was extremely dim. I thought the battery was dead but when I put it on the charger the red led on the bottom comes on and turns off in like five seconds. And the screen will not get brighter no matter how long it has been charging. Also the reset button didn’t help. And I have tried using the cord that came with it and a couple of my own.

Could you post some pictures of your device so that we can have a clearer understanding of what you mean?
It would also greatly help us with diagnosing the issue.

I just tried downloading a few more games and I realized what is making the screen dim. The games seem to show a shadow of the game I had previously downloaded. Like in the picture I am playing shadow runner but you can see the words dice of fate in the background which is the game I was playing before.


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It’s not the best quality image, but thank you anyway, pictures are always helpful. I cannot tell offhand what is wrong with it, but it certainly appears to be flawed or damaged.

I believe @bateske might know more about this as he is in charge.
I’m not sure who else might know though.

the only thing that seems to be wrong with the device right now is the title screen of “Dice of Fate” is showing through whatever game I put on here. The image I uploaded wasn’t supposed to show anything but the screen and I found the quality of the picture was best in the dark. In the light the screen is so dim you cannot hardly see it.

Appears to be burn-in. OLED screens are susceptible to burn-in if you leave them at a static image for too long. How long did you leave the screen on with that background?


not long at all. I downloaded it and tried out the dice then in less than five minutes had up shadow runner.

nevermind you are right. I just got done with a game of shadow run and I started to read your post. then I looked up OLED burn in and when I looked back at my arduboy and started playing the game over screen was “burned in”. I guess these little OLED screens are really sensitive. also I looked up how to fix it and it seems that just playing will make the “burn in” fade, Which is true because the dice of fate letters are completely gone now

Wow that must have tough because that can happen with nearly all small/old devices
(Example) my tv!

Good to hear the letters went away! So far I haven’t noticed any burn-in (or image retention in this case since it was temporary) on my ArduBoy yet but I haven’t played any one game for a longer period of time since I’ve been rapidly trying them all. I’m sure I’ll notice some eventually. My OLED TV gets image retention with certain icons but it goes away fairly quick.