Some info 'cause I'm [still learning]


Hello community this is my first post!
I’m going to make a DIY arduboy but i need some info for doing it right.

So the component have to been this:
Arduino pro micro ATmega 32u4
0.97" OLED spi ssd1306
3pin switch
6x6x5 tactil buttons
3.7v lipo battery

Soo, i need know how much the battery last on this sistem and how i can charge it.

A 200mah can last for 3-4 hours or i need a bigger one? I can charge it over the pro micro or i need a separetad battery charge board (that one is the dumbest question)?

Thanks for the answer guys! I try to make a nice one!!!

(Erwin) #2

You need a separate board.

The commercial arduboy has a 180-200 mAh battery that lasts 3-6 hours. You can get a bigger one of course.

(serisman) #3

Take a look at my homemade:

While it’s true that you need a li-ion capable charge board (TP4056), you can still use the micro USB connector of the Pro Micro to supply the power to the charge board.

You also are not necessarily limited to the 0.96" OLED, but would probably want to install the Arduboy Homemade Board Package.

I also highly recommended using the Cathy3k bootloader, and installing a SPI flash cart.

(Scott) #4

If you want to be more compatible with a real Arduboy, you should consider using an Arduino Micro or Arduino Leonardo. These bring out the proper pins used by the Arduboy.


Arduboy uses some pins not available on the the Pro micro. But if you get a version with the bigger chip (ATMEGA32U4-AU) you can solder wires to the chip directly for the pins that are not available on the pads.


That’s a nice tip!
I want to make one as small as i can. After the first one i want to try one in horizontal layout and with a 1.3" display.


You guys think a 400 tiè point breadboard is enough for test the prototype?
I take the Arduino pro micro atmega32u4-au, like @Mr.Blinky says, and now i buy all the components.
If i need help i’m going to search over the forum posts.
I’m sorry for my lacks in english language.

(curly) #8

No need to buy batteries if you have an old laptop laying around (often times a crap laptop battery still has a few good batteries in it)

You will need a charge controller but you can buy those from China for as low as 25 cents also check around the garage for an old cordless phone or solar light (I found 2500 mAh battery on the side of the road today in a broken cell phone)

(Simon) #9

Hey @curly … you have been quiet lately. Godd to see you back online!


You probably need two of them and connect them to together. There’s not enough space on one to mount the Pro Micro, display and all the buttons


Another question: do you think i can fit all in a double sided PCB 4x6 cm? I want to make a really small one.

Free stuff!


Let’s the game start!
I need a tip: can i start without the battery charge board? They are not arrived yet.


Yes you can. Just use USB to power it. Don’t use the lipo yet unless you can charge it externally

(Scott) #14

If you plan to mount the Pro Micro clone in a socket/headers (or breadboard), I suggest you solder longer header strips to it, with extra pins for the Arduino pins used by the Arduboy that aren’t brought out, extended past the end of the board. This way you can solder wires directly from the processor chip to these extra pins to connect them to a larger socket, header strips or breadboard.

For an example of this, see the photo of my SAMD21 based prototype (with 3 extra pins on each header strip). I haven’t yet connected any of the extra pins, but they’re there for future use. (Note that I mounted the headers through the top and soldered from the bottom, to give me larger pins on the top for probing or attaching test clips to. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. You can solder the headers in the normal way, on the bottom.)


Like this?

By the way, after i connect all what i have to do? Only upload a .arduboy file or sone other file by the uploder?

(Scott) #16

Yes, with a small amount of solder on each pin from the bottom.


When you are planning to solder the headers as @MLXXXp suggested and want to break out the missing pins, I recommend to solder wires to those pins first otherwise they will become less accessible.

uploading a .arduboy or .hex file with an uploader will be easiest to get started.


Dirty job as ever. Sorry…


Seems i make something wrong…

One red led flashes during the process but not appear the animation of the transfert of the file.

I have to install arduino ide before?


Check device manager and see if you can see an Arduino Leonardo device under ports

I wouldn’t be surprised if your Pro Micro has a Micro bootloader instead of Leonardo in which case you better use the Arduino IDE or my python uploader script