Some info 'cause I'm [still learning]


Holy cow, it work!!! I dont know how i manage to start it! xD

A big thank to all you guys for helping me!


Finilly the last pieces has arrived!
See you in the next topic with the complete one!

(Kevin) #23

I’m late to the party on this one too, but bump for Arduboy Memes.

Nice work, excpiting to see the progress look at that rats nest of wires! I also maliciously edited the title of your post. :smiling_imp:


Man, soldering wires is hard!

(serisman) #25

Use smaller wire.

I use 30awg ‘wire wrapping’ solid core wire for stuff like this, and it is pretty easy to solder.

(Scott) #26

Same here. Here’s a board that I did many, many years ago:

(Scott R) #27


(Pharap) #28

“Welcome to Birmingham”

See also, “Magic Roundabout, Swindon”:

(Simon) #29

I love Minis and I have a '69 deluxe. I could not help but spot the yellow mini ute on the upper eight hand side of the pic!

Forget that there is an E-Type, an AC Cobra (probably a replica) and a bunch of other nice cars in there - its all about the Minis for me!

(Kevin) #30

Just like anything, you’re bad until you’re good until you’re great! Lots of practice!

Soldering is a valuable skill to have!