Some more problems concerning ProjectABE

So, once again I have a problem with the Emulator (slowly I start wondering wether it was a good idea to use it anyway). This time it seems ABE is unable to implement certain libraries such as <StandardCplusplus.h> or <system_configuration.h>. When using them in the IDE it works absolutely fine but in ABE it just throws an exception that these files do not exist.

Little bit of background why I’m even using ABE:
In school we have to program software using microcontrollers as a base. Our teacher isn’t the youngest anymore and has serious problems with his vision (even when wearing glasses he sometimes can’t read things) so I want to present him my project on a monitor (as we all know the Arduboy screen is not the biggest ^^)

It really isn’t.

It’s a perfectly adequate tool for running .hex files but it’s not really supposed to be a proper code editor.
The editor is only really there for making quick changes,
it’s not really suitable for doing whole projects on.

Are these files you’ve written or are these libraries you’ve found?

I doubt ProjectABE has support for external libraries.

The Arduino IDE doesn’t appear to have any zoom functionality unfortunately, but VSCode/VSCodium defintely does.
(By default it’s Ctrl+= to zoom in and Ctrl+- to zoom out, and both actions can be accessed through the View > Appearance menu.)

Other editors will also no doubt have zoom-in capability.

Of course, if you’re on Windows there’s also a magnification tool provided as standard.
If you press ++ you’ll activate the magnifier and can use it to zoom in and out either via the window or by pressing + + or + -.
(More interesting Windows keyboard combos can be found here.)

OS X and Linux may have similar facilities.

By the way, if you’re planning to use @SamSibbens’s code as a basis for a school project, make sure you’re extremely explicit about which parts aren’t your work, otherwise you could find yourself under investigation for plagarism, which schools generally take very seriously.

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thanks again @Pharap ^^

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Just to check, were those library files you were trying to include or were they files you wrote yourself?

Also, be sure tell your teacher about the magnifier tool if their eyesight is bad enough that they struggle to read standard text sizes, it may well help them.

I tried to include them, they haven’t been written by me.

If all you want ABE for is to make it easy to present your sketch, I suggest you use the Arduino IDE for editing and compiling and then run the compiled code on ABE.

Edit and compile your code using the Arduino IDE as normal. You can even upload and test on a real Arduboy if that’s helpful.

To run the code in ABE:

  1. With a sketch that will compile loaded into the IDE, select:
    Sketch > Export compiled Binary
  2. Select:
    Sketch > Show Sketch Folder
    The folder containing your sketch code will open, including your source and one or two .hex files.
  3. Open a new ABE project in your browser
  4. Drag the .hex file from your sketch folder to the ABE Arduboy screen. If there is more than one .hex file, use the one that doesn’t include with_bootloader.
  5. Your sketch should run in the emulator.

Once ABE and the sketch folder are open you can leave them that way. Then, just keep editing, exporting binaries and dragging them to ABE.

To change the source and output font size, you can use:
File > Preferences and change the Editor font size field.

The developer of abe is @FManga maybe if we ping him, he will be able to resolve them. I know he is a busy dude though, he has moved on from the emulator mostly.

Sounds like you added those two files to your project, in which case you should be using #include "StandardCplusplus.h" instead of <>, but it’s hard to guess without looking at the code. As was pointed out, it is generally a better idea to do your development using something else and then drag-and-drop the hex in to run it.