Some music I made

I’ve been playing around with the SynthU library and midi converter in @brow1067’s Untitled Grayscale RPG attempting to make some music of my own for some project ideas I have. Here’s a compilation of different tracks I made for different themed areas/events.


  • Left/Right Button: Select track
  • Up/Down Button: Adjust volume
  • B Button: Toggle repeat mode on/off
  • A Button: Play/Stop music
    MusicTest.arduboy (19.5 KB)

Now that I have several tracks put together I figured it’d be a good time to share what I’ve made and get some feedback.


Nice work. I’m assuming there are only two notes available.

Actually you can have up to four, but after lots of experimenting I found that sticking with two seems to work best without overly distorting the sound. Most likely there’s a part I’m missing that makes additional notes sound better, but I’m really liking what I’ve got so far so I think I’ll stick with this method.

Typically what I’ve done is try to keep the bass notes and melody notes to be within the same chord or scale as they tend to blend better with having the bass notes be either one or two octaves lower. Then by only doing the root note and second note of either a major or minor chord seems to help give the intensity I want without causing too much distortion.

When composing the music usually I come up with the melody first and then go back and add a bass note in key places to emphasize the melody notes. Occasionally (like with the battle music) I come up with a bass rhythm and then add a melody on top (the melody doesn’t always have to be complex either).

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Feel free to use more than 4 channels if you’ve got CPU/RAM/flash to spare

example.arduboy (30.5 KB)

10 channels :wink:

I agree about the piezo quality – I’ve found that polyphonic styles sound better than chords on it.


It is nice to know you can have that many channels, though I find it does sound terribly mangled compared to single note melodies with one note “chords”

Curious what people think of some the tracks I’ve made so far. I’m still in the beginner stages of learning music composition so it’d be nice to get some feedback.