Something's wrong with my arduboy

I decided to download Lagunita because it was new, and it seemed cool.
It worked fine, until I tried to download something else.
I booted up flashlight mode (like I do whenever I download a new game onto it) And it didnt show A white screen, only a white led
And If I didn’t boot it up with flashlight, it showed a green light but still no screen
the bottom left yellow/green light periodoticly blinks, but no red light…
Whenever I try to download something else onto it with arduino, it give me this error

avrdude: ser_open(): can’t set com-state for “\.\COM3”
An error occurred while uploading the sketch

can someone help?

Even with the red light on (by re-plugging it) It still gives me the same error, same white led, ect
Also: Now I’ve tried doing it again (without flashlight), and now the lime led is on, and the screen has some random dots

Nevermind, I used the “bricked” strat and that work, Hopeful no one saw this

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Out of curiosity, how did you get that Solution tick beside the posting?

Uh What do you mean?
If you mean,“How did you find the start after posting” Because im stupid, I knew there was a reset button but didn’t know how to use it

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Sorry, I meant the green tick here >


its a button,

I believe it only shows up for topics in the Issues category.

Ah that explains it. Very cool and we should actively move items to this category if they are issues.

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Now you mention it, I might spend some time going through old issues that have been resolved and picking solutions.
Thankfully doing so doesn’t bump them.

If you see anything that ought to be moved to Issues then let me know.
(Assuming you don’t already have the power to move them yourself, I can’t remember which trust level unlocks that ability.)

A notification is received by the poster when a post is set as solution, It’s not a problem for me but others may find it irritating.

I suspected it probably would.
Unfortunately I doubt there’s any way around that.

If you get any seemingly at random, it’s just the backlog being gradually cleared, which obviously won’t happen forever - there will come a point where all the backlog has been updated to use proper solution selection instead of the old approach of marking threads with [Solution] (or variations thereupon).

Having a canonical solution for a post is particularly useful because it means less cruft to sift through when looking at old questions, and hopefully that means a few less duplicates.

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