Sony Pocketstation (I just discovered)

How many of you have been holding out on me and not telling me about the Sony Pocketstation?

I just ordered some, a couple from Japan, one with a box from Wisconsin!

I knew about the VMU but this is even closer to what I am envisioning. It seems like the LCD is better!
I want to find / make a 128x64 pixel LCD with a “decent” refresh rate! That is cheap! And has a SSD1306 compatible controller (omg, that is impossible!)!

I have never seen one of these … looks like a Tamagotchi.

Yeah the pocketstation has been around for many years but never was released in the USA just japan. There have been some mods done with this not many

Heard of them before but totally forgot about these. I’d say not good enough for an Arduboy mod as it’s got just one action button.

Yah but look how many games it had!

This is of course closer to the design I want for the $5 Arduboy.