Sound Effects

Admit it, most programmers are lazy and some of us are just incapable of creating decent sound effects.

Wouldn’t it be great if those with the skills shared some of their sound effects with the rest of us.

Maybe the site admin can create a bunch of sub-categories to this one:

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So, I am looking for two sound effects - machine gun fire and an explosion in ArduboyTones format.

What’s around?

Nothing really, it’s yet another thing I’ve wanted to do but never have time is go through and create a bunch of viable type sound effects. I feel like a lot of people fall into the situation you describe… There are a lot of games that don’t have any sound or only simple single tones because it’s difficult to come up with a quality sound.

The best trick I’ve found is you play a quick progression of notes… There was someone who made dragonforce

And there are a few places that I think you could actually extract pretty amazing effects. The best way to get at them would probably to be finding the midi and cutting out the sections you like.

For now people can post here and I guess if we get some responses I can make a new category.


All of the Doom sounds themes can be found here in MIDI format. You can use @MLXXXp’s tool to convert to your format.


Is there any source for a tool that converts existing tones to the proper format?

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Simon I just spotted this post checkout my post with the low tones using ArduboyBeep I reckon you could get something nice sounding for the twister game.

There is an Midi2Tones converter on @mlxxxp’s repo. It does a great job as long as you have a simple midi to begin with. The result is AruboyTones compaitble.

But with beep I would have to drop the theme song!

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BeepPin2 seems to work in your game whilst using Tones but sadly its not capable of the lower tones.

You can sound a tone using Tones between 25-30 to achieve the same effect though probably not ideal for a helicopter.

I might be coming in front left field on this but I was able to make more convincing “noise” by playing a bunch of notes randomly distributed around a certain frequency at a very fast rate. Also sound effects are great to have maybe 20 or 30 notes played within a second, like an arpeggio.

When @JoeRagu put the venerable Dragonforce song Through the Fire and Flames on the Arduboy I noted that some of these guitar solo parts would make excellent effect sounds. You’d have to parse them out of the midi but I think it would work really well!


Kevin beat me to it but I was just about to say I used your impact sound in karateka that uses a couple of notes as a footstep sound in D&U something like this with the right rest would be great for a chopper sound. You could then have it ticking away as the blades are turning and use the up button to play a slightly faster score to give the impression of acceleration.

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Oh, that could be cool … however, I am not sure how I would make it faster as you go up or down as the frame rate would even it all out.

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You have a pip pip pip playing in a loop in background as the engine is always running then pressing up would override (mute) it playing a faster pipettey pipi pip… did that make sense?

I have added some code to the repo that makes blade sounds.

I think its distracting … what do you think?

not the ideal choice of notes but I added these tones to test

    case GameState::PlayGame:
void playerMovements() {

  // Up and down movements ..

  if (arduboy.pressed(UP_BUTTON)) {

grabbing latest from repo now…

If you wanted to have it increase in velocity it might be possible to store the sound effect in ram instead of flash and you could programatically define the duration of the pause. Alternatively you could store maybe 3 sound effects in flash and then switch between them, it wouldn’t be as smooth but probably wouldn’t be too bad.

Provided you’ve got the space, you could make all sorts of effects, including crude speech, using @igvina’s ArdVoice library. Unfortunately, it takes over both speaker pins, so using a separate library, such as ArduboyTones, for a soundtrack isn’t possible. However, with a local copy of ArdVoice you could change a few lines so it only used speaker pin 2, leaving pin 1 for ArduboyTones.