Sound to C code converter

First of all, I would like to thanks bateske and all his team for this GREAT project!! Love it.

I’ve being working around with the DevKit for a few days now, and I would like to know if there is any useful tool, or method, to convert sounds (.wav files) into C, Arduboy understandable, code.

I’ve tried several options (like wav2c), without success (I think wav2c only translates sounds into GBA encoding format). I’m trying to use/code sounds made with bfxr.

Any help/suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!

You probably won’t be able to do what you’re attempting with the Dev Kit. The output to the speaker can only be made high or low, under software control. It’s likely that more complex sounds could be created using high speed pulse width modulation (PWM). There has been discussion about moving the speaker to a PWM capable pin on the production version of the Arduboy.

@ChrisS recently posted about playing externally generated complex sounds:

There has been additional discussion about it under that topic, as well as:
4 channel tracker music
“Just Music” justly tuned music library

Yeah with PWM pin as planned will get us a bit more options. The piezo also limits sound quality so even with proper drive hardware it’s a challenge to get anything to sound right other than basic 8 bit noises.