Soviet game and watch game Ну Погоди!(Nu pogody!)

I want to program game and watch game straight from USSR wiki article: Wiki article for the game(sadly Russian only)(You can ask what wiki says I’ll translate it) :(. So anyway I want to make this game but I’m a noob at programming. So can someone please help me?

it was a USSR copy of the Nintendo Game&Watch series

and the characters “nu pogody” - wolf and hare
are the famous USSR cartoon - a copy of US Tom&Jerry )

it was unique technology of microchip copying of these games (as many others):
they cut layer after layer few atoms thickness of the microchip, making a photo of the layouts and thus reverse engineered them

it’s so strange that a country able to do best in the world submarines, rocket systems, spaceships could not be made its own kid games ))

here the description of Arduino reconstruction of this game

and here is the sketch

it’s better to rewrite it for Arduboy2 lib of course

i think there are no men in Russia today about 35-45 years, who don’t know about this “Electronica” game. everybody dreamed about it in his childhood ))


There is an English-language Wikipedia article about this.

And sure enough, in the video game section the LCD game is mentioned:

It claims the game is a clone of ‘Egg’:


These G&W games are relatively easy to implement on the Arduboy.

Have you looked at the tutorials on this site and worked through them?

They will not tell you how to make this game but if you understand how they work, you can then start building your own games. I recently created a version of Lion Tamer which shows one approach to making these sorts of games. Lion Tamer [Game Jam 5]

When you are done with the tutorials, start mocking up a game and people (including me) will be happy to jump in and help if they can see you are trying :slight_smile:

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Didn’t know it was just a copy😳
Now I don’t know what to believe …


Believe that you have had fun with it and that you’ll have to make it on Arduboy and that you’ll have when you’ll play with it on Arduboy, the others things are details… :slight_smile:

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Exist on Gamebuino