Space Cab V1.0.1

SpaceCab.hex (74.6 KB)


Press Play on Tape are proud to announce Version 1.0 of Space Cab - a tribute to the classic Commodore 64 game Space Taxi.

Collect and deliver customers to their destination as quickly as possible to make the most money! But be careful and make sure you do not run out of fuel, land without deploying your landing gear or squash a customer.

Button Function
A Button Thruster.
B Button Deploy landing gear.
Left and Right   Steering.

On the High Score screen, pressing and holding the up and down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds resets the high scores.

As always, thanks to @pharap for his advice, help and problem solving skills. There is a tribute level in the game with his skull in it! Also, if you decide to compile this yourself please note that it uses @pharap’s Fixed Point Library which you will need to install through the Arduino IDE Library Manager.

Code and hex are available here > Releases · Press-Play-On-Tape/SpaceCab · GitHub
Play Online > ProjectABE - Arduboy Emulator

Screenshot_01_withGrey    Screenshot_02_withGrey

Screenshot_03_withGrey    Screenshot_04_eithGrey


Will you be using ArdVoice?

@Vampirics wants to but I am afraid we will be short on memory.


Tell him that important features goes first.
Mmm…I don’t see it being too difficult (beside being a sideway “flyer” that picks up passengers.)
The only thing I wonder about the availability was the "ping pong ball bouncing across the level)

yep … I find all Arduboy games end up being a compromise between play value and niceties.


Yeah don’t waste space on sprites and gameplay it’s all about sound effects :joy:


Aim low, achieve your goals and avoid disappointment.

Exactly. This game has no graphics - just old school text representing the characters and actions.

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We are not aiming at porting Space Taxi to the Arduboy. We are making a game inspired by it. So far none of the level are like in Space Taxi. I just loved that game when i was young and thought a game of that type would be a nice fit for the Arduboy.

While i initially wanted to use Ardvoice, the space it would take would mean having only 1 small level with voice instead of many without voice. I prefered to offer more levels.


Here’s a preview:

.                          \('')    Hey Taxi!!
.    __/¨¨T##\__==_          I\     ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨
... /(@)\_|___|_(@))........ /\ ......

Obviously this is not a real preview…


You can play this online, here >


AH!!! This logo is SO cute and cool with the line fade! Love ya’ll’s work!


The line fade is one of @pharap’s contributions!

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Okay, I regret not playing this sooner. I am absolutely blown away. This is one of the best-looking games on the system. It’s so cute and the gameplay is surprisingly fun just after playing this for ~10 mins. The premise is good, plus, the game is very readable and it’s easy to tell what’s going on. The title screen being the 1st level is a great touch.


Thanks @crait. It has only just been finished today so you didn’t miss anything!

@Vampirics and I might look to releasing a new version in the future once we have freed up some memory - like most Arduboy games, its sitting at about 98% of PROGMEM used.

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Well, I’ve already added it to the list of my favorite Arduboy games!


@Vampirics has set a high score of 591 points. I think I haven’t even hit 100 yet!


AWESOME WORK @filmote and @Vampirics!! :oncoming_taxi:

(…one small issue when compiling for us Linux dweebs - there are some includes, eg. #include "src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h" that have lower-case u on /utils/ when it should be upper-case?) :taxi:

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Thanks … this game overtook a second one we have been working on. Its a fun little game!

Obviously, you have managed to fix the source issues but for future downloaders I have fixed the includes to the correct case and updated the release to V1.0.1. I use a Mac and it doesn’t seem to have any problems when compiling.


somehow the link for the game wasn’t working with me…

I do have seen a issue:
It should be
Play the game here:

But my browser (stupid Edge) decided to take a coffee break and not load it.