Space Cab V1.0.1

You can play this online, here >


AH!!! This logo is SO cute and cool with the line fade! Love ya’ll’s work!


The line fade is one of @pharap’s contributions!

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Okay, I regret not playing this sooner. I am absolutely blown away. This is one of the best-looking games on the system. It’s so cute and the gameplay is surprisingly fun just after playing this for ~10 mins. The premise is good, plus, the game is very readable and it’s easy to tell what’s going on. The title screen being the 1st level is a great touch.


Thanks @crait. It has only just been finished today so you didn’t miss anything!

@Vampirics and I might look to releasing a new version in the future once we have freed up some memory - like most Arduboy games, its sitting at about 98% of PROGMEM used.

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Well, I’ve already added it to the list of my favorite Arduboy games!


@Vampirics has set a high score of 591 points. I think I haven’t even hit 100 yet!


AWESOME WORK @filmote and @Vampirics!! :oncoming_taxi:

(…one small issue when compiling for us Linux dweebs - there are some includes, eg. #include "src/utils/Arduboy2Ext.h" that have lower-case u on /utils/ when it should be upper-case?) :taxi:

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Thanks … this game overtook a second one we have been working on. Its a fun little game!

Obviously, you have managed to fix the source issues but for future downloaders I have fixed the includes to the correct case and updated the release to V1.0.1. I use a Mac and it doesn’t seem to have any problems when compiling.


somehow the link for the game wasn’t working with me…

I do have seen a issue:
It should be
Play the game here:

But my browser (stupid Edge) decided to take a coffee break and not load it.

Edge? That could be your problem :slight_smile:

The link you say is broken works fine for me (Firefox) but I have updated the links to point to the ‘distributable’ directory as this will always have the latest version of code in it whereas release directories will change each time.

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I can’t connect to OR GitHub(altogether)
My iPad did have the emulator pulled up, but the arduboy image was missing
So I am pressing certain locations of the black-greyish background to play it…
Crashed all my cars and killed half a dozen passengers… lol.
Wonderful game.
@filmote I would call it a PROPER flight control.:+1::+1::+1:
@Vampirics saying there is no graphics… being too modest a guy?
I do was wondering what a text based game from filmote would look like… (I mean, I already released mine, but I don’t know what Filmote will make.)

Reminds me of the “quote” from Intel (for their Edison processor):

What will you make?

Will get the game download in the next internet time session.

That was my old high score. 663 now on the final level.

I hope you guys like the game as much as we liked working on it.


The same line fade technique is used on @Vampirics’s LoveRush,
which is what I originally wrote it for (though that uses a non-class-ified version).

Given your interest, I’ve uploaded the effects to a GitHub repo:

@filmote I think the problem could be that you’ve deleted the V1.0 tag so it no longer has the .hex attached.
(Technically it’s not completely deleted, you’d have to do some git command line stuff to delete it properly.)

I lookef into whether there’s a way to get it to point to SpaceCab.hex from the latest release, but haven’t found a url that works.

It was a joke.

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I updated the links to point to a folder that is not affected by versions. Is this still a problem or did I get all the links?

I meant as an explanation for why it might not have been working at the time.

Ah good … it’s all working now!

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Has anyone beat Stephane’s 663?

Good luck with that! :wink:


I can easily get 63 … the other 600 I am struggling with!