Space Crawl - Game Jam 3

Hi All!

This is a concept game I am putting together for the Game Jam. It is inspired by the “opening crawl” in certain space-themed movies. I came up with the idea for this game on the commute home after May the 4th :joy:

As to the theme criteria:

Star Plan - I would say it is “Star Plan” as it is kind of a space battle/space theme (it channels Berzerk energies)

Kusoge - It is solidly in the theme “Kusoge” with frustrating/quirky game play and bad graphics. You can randomly teleport yourself. Who does that, right?

Education - Not even going to try for adding “Education” into the game. I toyed with the idea of adding “How to Knit” in the crawl, but how am I going to verify that? I guess if you could keep playing and hadn’t tied yourself in knots. If you could do that and keep playing then you are probably epic anyway.

The little trooper wanders around shooting the aliens running between the words in the opening crawl.


The controls are simple:
A - teleport
B - fire laser

You can find the latest release here:


Can confirm. This game is hard to play. It is fun and quirky indeed. I’ll give it another round after an update.

P.S. Can you actually kill the Alien?

@fredster Thanks for giving the game a try! Yes, you can kill the alien, but they do move fairly fast–part of the …fun? They will continually re-spawn. I added two more to make it a little more frantic.

I have updated the code to add more enemies and fix the “restart logic” for the game.

Still not finished, but has at least been improved.


Continual improvement … right up to the closing time of the Jam!

Trying, for sure. @filmote your game looks really nice!


Thanks for that … I had the idea for the education part but could not work out how to put a space spin on it! Maybe I can claim that you have to fix your space ship by learning logic circuits?


Lol, It is much more fun with multiple enemies to hunt down. :slight_smile:

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