Space Flappy

I did it! I finally finished a (very limited) prototype of my first real Arduboy game! My plans for it are for it to, basically, be Flappy Bird merged with a shoot-'em-up. I’m uploading the compiled game - tell me what you think! UPDATE 7/28: The game is now finished! I do apologize, though, for the lack of any story at all related to my creation. My unimaginative little brain couldn’t come up with any ideas :laughing: Don’t forget, though, bug reports (and feature suggestions) are still very much welcome! Oh, and tell me your highscores! Mine is 962.

Up: Fly
B: Shoot

Space_Shooter.ino.leonardo.hex (38.0 KB)


Somebody liked my post! Thank you for that!

Great effort so far!

How are you doing the star field? Is it possible to render it every second frame or even better alternate stars every second frame to get a twinkle effect? It might just make the stars more subtle and in the background.

Oh yeah, that’s easy - the starfield is just a fixed image. I was just too lazy to implement better graphical effects since I was too focused on adding the weapons. That’s a good idea for tomorrow, though!

Just to ruin everyone’s childhood… :P

Stars don’t actually twinkle. What makes them appear to twinkle is the natural turbulence of Earth’s atmosphere distorting the light.

So actually if you were on a ship in space, you wouldn’t notice any kind of twinkling (unless the glass or oxygen separating you from the vacuum had some noticeable effect on it).

(Likewise you wouldn’t hear those big booms and lasers that SciFi films love to edit in to make things more dramatic. Vacuums don’t just suck the air out of your lungs, they also suck the fun out of things. :P)


Way to spoil my childhood.

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In space, no one can hear you scream!


Yay 2001: A Space Odyssey for being basically the only film to get this right!

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I like this idea, I hope you keep at it. I think it would be a good mechanic if your ship was able to bounce to a certain height with one button press, and had some acceleration when falling back down, so that it would be more reminiscent of flappy bird’s movement. Aesthetically I think it would also be really nice if when that button is pressed, the ship had some thrusters animated for the frames in which the y coordinate is decreasing, that way each jump looks like it was made by the ships engines.

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Hm, that sounds nice! I think I’ll try to do that once I get the enemies working.


If you need any help with anything, feel free to ask.

Okay, thanks!

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I finally added in enemies after being lazy for about a week! Hopefully I’ll work a little more often on this project from now on…

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Right now this is basically a finished game for all anyone cares, but given my horribly messy coding I’m sure there are some terribly dumb oversights.

Also, how do I get a screenshot of the title screen? ProjectABE doesn’t wanna work on my Firefox.

Nice! I like the enemy’s death animation, it’s cute, the game is fast-paced but very playable. Without looking at code though, it seems like your gameover function is using arduboy.pressed(A_BUTTON), but it should really be arduboy.justPressed(A_BUTTON), otherwise the gameover screen gets skipped if the player died pressing A.

OHHH ok. Thanks, I didn’t notice that when testing. :roll_eyes:

Uploading the new .hex now.

If you search ‘screenshot’ on the forum you’ll find a few threads, mainly this one in which a screenshot function can be added to a copy of your sketch to send screenshots over serial when certain buttons are pressed.

Looks good! Though it is still easy to press A or B too fast since the nature of this game is almost like mashing them. Just a thought here, but maybe make the gameover buttons LEFT and RIGHT since the player doesn’t use them to control the ship.

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