Spain, time to arrive? [ARRIVED!]

Hi, my backer # are 2.979…

Past 31 May I receive my email track number… and Singapore page info says “Despatched to overseas (Country code: ES)”… date 3/June… Despach #4612

Local mail tracker of Spain (, shows the same info…

Have any idea of estimated time to arrive Barcelona?

Any people of Spain have a Arduboy yet?

Thanks in advance.

It could take several weeks to go from China to Spain. One thing I’ve learnt from buying “crap” in China is that when they say they’ve shipped it, what they really mean is that it’s left customs and is sitting in a warehouse waiting to board a plane. That process alone could take weeks. It’s typical for items to take 6 weeks to ship from China.

According to the tracking, my parcel has been in Australia since June 3rd… 11 days it’s supposedly been in the country and I still don’t have it. I’ve had two kickstarter parcels shipped after this one and both of those arrived today. Ah well, it gives me more time to do assignments.

hmmm I receive some items from China (ali store)… ones at 15 days… others at 1 month…

The record are a drone only 9 days.


la comprastes como backer en kickstarter o pre-order… porque yo soy de madrid y la tengo hace casi un mes… incluso por un problema espero un repuesto y se envio tambien hace como una semana por lo que me resulta raro, yo en ningun momento recibi el mail. vino la chica de correos hasta casa… en mi caso fue kickstarter

If the tracking number has reached your country, it usually takes up to 2-3 weeks to arrive because the product has to go through customs. Sometimes it is faster, sometimes it can take even longer. You should be able to contact your local post office with the tracking number and get some additional information.

Unfortunatly the shipping times vary a lot between different backers. Some packages go through the country right away, others will take 6 weeks… I don’t know the exact reason but it has to do with customs.

We are working on getting a new shipping carrier in the future so that things will go faster. We are looking at DHL and FedEx but right now they are too expensive until we can set up a better account with them.

As always, if you need some specific help with your kickstarter reward being delivered please contact us on kickstarter directly so we have all of your information.

Thanks! Hang on, It’s on its way!

Kickstarter, número de backer 2979… y leo que hay números posteriores que ya lo tienen…

Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply… but… we are waiting since 2015… XD

gran tipo el kevin…responde rapido en estos casos!!! ya ves toca esperar… pero merece la pena… yo estaba igual que vos, en mi caso (y lo sabe kevin) me dio tiempo a tener un hijo ya que fue un regalo de aniversario la arduboy y lo celebramos a lo grande… le llego al nene con varios meses (4) espero que te llegue pronto.

PD: podes contactar desde kickstarter con tu cuenta directamente con kevin para mayor seguridad de tus datos.


No hay problema, esperaré, qué remedio queda…

Enhorabuena por el niño!!!

Ha nacido con un Arduboy debajo del brazo.


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@xTHETRINCHOx Please make sure the screws are all the way tightened before giving to any children young enough to eat things they shouldn’t! The screws can possibly come out and be a hazard.

don´t worry, just four months, is too small for the arduboy … it was just for the photo and supervised by 2 adults. only a fool would give his arduboy a baby. (he could scratch the unit !!!) XD
it is undeniable that is beautiful in her tiny hands …
until we have in store a 'ARDUBOY BABY EDITION "I will keep the baby away from my arduboy

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Well, updated tracking info:

Received from Customer

Despatched to overseas (Country code: ES)

Arrival at Destination Post (Country: ES)


I’m are waiting for post from Madrid to Barcelona.


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Congratulations. Mine’s been at that last stage for 2 weeks now.
I have concerns that something has gone wrong. Two other KS projects have shipped and been received after this one shipped. Both came from outside Australia, and both would have gone through customs.

Im waiting for a PocketChip… (… too


me too… pocket chip HDMI dip!!!

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Just arrived at Barcelona today…

Only unpacked, and power ON…


Later I make an intensive exam.



viste… al final. disfrutala amigo!!! era cuestion de tiempo. por cierto en el metro la gente se queda loca. mola mucho

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La verdad es que si… solo le echo de menos una microSD, como tiene su prima la gamebuino… por lo demás, pinta MUY bien.



My first compilation… with ubuntu :wink: