Speaker damage [Solved]

Hey so a while ago I said that my Arduboy has been in the wash several times and survived just fine
Well now I’ve realised that’s not entirely the case.
My arduboy’s speaker is incredibly damaged and the audio cannot be heard unless you hold it directly next to your ear. Is there anything that can be done about this or is it a lost cause?

If you open it up and take a look at the speaker it may have moved around so it is shorting out against some other component. Careful with the battery, moving it can cause it to break.

Yeah… umm…

I am eyeing down those “Make louder” pins :slight_smile: I own a soldering iron and solder but am incredibly inexperienced in how to do it (basically I know how to melt solder and apply it, not well though) if that helps

Upon closer inspection it seems the washer has rendered the double sided tape not usable, I have some electrical tape if that is of use

ah okay so I’ve moved it where it’s silhouette is on the board and it’s much loader but I am very concerned about how the tape seems to be not sticky anymore and how the battery is on an angle. What needs to be done to put it in safe working order?

I don’t think the tape is the problem, it’s where the speaker and the usb are touching. If you just shove up the speaker so it isn’t touching then it will probably be fine:


Actually if you want to put some tape covering the contact and the batteries that might help protect the battery some:

Electric tape, right? Should I push the iron things in a bit more too? I accidentally did that before but in testing it it turned on soooo

Aight that should do the trick