Special arduboy

On Twitter some people have been posting pictures of their arduboy.some pictures of the arduboy have a different ARDUBOY font and with speaker holes while others dont. Is the arduboy with the speaker holes a newer version of the arduboy?
PS: does the arduboy with no speaker holes does’nt have a speaker?

The dev kit model that shipped earlier, so devs could get started making games quicker

The first run of the production Arduboy for Kickstarter backers had the speaker holes. It also had C12 labeling a component below the A and B button. This is a production version, not the DevKit (which was also offered as a Kickstarter reward).

The second run of the production Arduboy for Kickstarter backers had the speaker holes removed and the C12 lettering removed. The speaker is still there. It was probably decided that the speaker holes didn’t affect the sound of the speaker. A problem with this second run is that most, if not all, have the RGB LED installed incorrectly:

The different production runs are otherwise functionally identical.

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Mmm I haven’t noticed this led issue. I do rework soldering for my job this should be no problem for me to fix if I do decide to get around to it.

Simply running the rgb sketch should let me know if there is a problem but so far I haven’t ran this sketch yet…

My arduboy does not have the speaker holes but the audio is plenty loud:)

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Another indication of the problem is that if you run a sketch that uses the standard Arduboy library and uses the library begin() function, when the ARDUBOY logo scrolls down from the top at startup the dimming RGB LED will be blue on a bad unit and red on a good one.


Lol, I thought the blue light at startup was pretty cool.

Yes then I definetly have defective units. I’ll post my success on fixing these after I do. (It’s not high on my list to work on just yet.

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Just chiming in to say that what @MLXXXp has here is correct. About 2,000 units were built before Chinese new year then we switch to a larger factory to do 8,000+ and they flipped the LED. I also removed the speaker holes because I didn’t like the look and the sound volume is the same with or without. There are some other minor details as well.

Our Pre-Order units will also have some minor changes and we will post some kind of update once those ship out.



Just as a note, I have “fixed” several games by changing the " arduboy.setRGBled(0, 255, 0); " statements to something that will work - like " arduboy.setRGBled(255, 0, 0); " in the individual game’s sourcecode. Not perfect, of course, but at least I get some kind of blinky lights in the games… :slight_smile:

How does a dev kit help make games faster?

Because people got the devices before the final Arduboy versions. They were able to work on their games sooner.


Oh I thought he meant it developed games faster whoops