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Hey, Im a bit new here in the community. I’ve ordered an arduboy mini, and just have been designing some sprites for it! I wanted to try making a bit bigger one, that fits the color limitations. His name is Radi-dude, he’s basically a parody of all those “cool” and “edgy” 90’s gaming characters. I felt as if it would be appropriate to post this in general, since the sprites haven’t been made in the engine, but another software.


I’ve seen lots of people use the gray scale generator (the the best way for me to describe it) and I recolored the sprite to make it look more like a color version I made in the past. The only thing im worried about is the fact that its a 48x48 sprite; its big (for arduboy) and it has smooth animations, so I don’t know how the arduboy ram is :sweat_smile: if anyone knows if this is possible, please let me know. Im no expert at coding, I’ve only done romhacks and simple linux commands (if that even counts)

Usually sprites + frames are stored in program ROM, and when you draw the sprite using the Arduboy2 library, I believe it copies it directly to the screen buffer, so I think you’re good on RAM.

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Ah okay, thank you for the quick response and info, I appreciate it!

There’s the FX chip which you can offload graphics to and render them directly from the FX chip using the ArduboyFX library (no need to buffer them in RAM which is super limited).

Looks like a neat character though, what kind of game are you thinking about making out of curiosity?

Also feel free to ask for help as there are plenty of people here that are always happy to help newcomers and beginners. Just bear in mind it might take a bit for someone to respond.

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Thanks for the info! Im currently planning on making Radi-dude a side scrolling platformer, with well shaded art and such. However, after I get more use to the coding, I wanna try exploring more in the 3D doom/wolfinstein games. I’ve seen people use the doom engine to make 3D platformers, and im really curious to see if that can be done with some of the 3D engines for arduboy.

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Looks pretty good so far!

If you’re going to make it a side-scrolling platformer, you’d have to pay attention to the direction light is coming from, since Radi-dude is shaded on one side. If you just used a flipped version of him then if perhaps the light is coming from the left side and Radi-dude is turned to the right side, the shading would be at the back of him but since the light is coming from there the shading would actually have be on the front side of him. You might have to use multiple sprites then.

Just a little thought I had.

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