SQUARE NOSE - the Squarrel


(Scott) #22

I suggest that you remove arduboy.audio.on() from setup(). Some people may wish to mute the sounds using the Audio mute control feature that is available from calling begin().


Thank you, it’s done.
If you have no sound and want it : hold B when turning ON the Arduboy, press UP, then release B.
If you want to mute the sound : hold B when turning ON the Arduboy, press DOWN, then release B.
The sound was muted on my Arduboy when I tried to compile the game, and I didn’t know the Audio mute control feature. That’s why I added this unnecessary arduboy.audio.on() in setup().


IndieCade Europe was cool. People liked Arduboy and Gamebuino Meta. I played “What the golf”, “The Game: The Game”, “Hellink” and other good stuff. “Square Nose” was warmly welcomed. See you next year!